7 billion people experienced this day in a different way.

Spent much of the day trying to find solutions for my back yard.

In the very back, by the fence, there is a gap that is 50 feet wide, 4 feet deep and 4 feet wide.

Several months ago, I paid to have all the junk that had been “dumped” there removed.

NOW, it has become the perfect hiding place for transients and they are leaving their beer cans, and even have a bucket they are shitting into…… Uh huh!!!!

It’s always something.

So, the Rock Quarry guys came out, as I wanted to fill in that space and make it as high as the street, but for many reasons, it wasn’t going to work out.

Partially, the extra weight would push the neighbors fence and knock it over.

Been thinking about several other solutions.

Now thinking I may just spread prickly thistle or cactus and cactus seeds down there.

Will I regret that in the future?

oh, probably.

Also, may call the electrician and have security motion sensor lights installed to the back of the duplex.

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