Blogging’s Not Easy

Blogging’s Not Easy

Whew!  Blogging is not easy.  Apparently there is a difference between blogger and blogspot.  I have been trying to access this blog for days to post – and just could not find it.  I could find this blog to view, but not to add new posts.  But here it is, finally.  You can find this to view using Blogspot, but you cannot post unless you log into Blogger.  I hope I have this right after days of going in circles.

Last night we saw the Judds in concert at the Coliseum.  Great show.  I love the Judds.

Friday night dad and I went to Debbie’s house for Krissy’s Scentsy Party.  They are safe wax candles that you plug into the wall.  Very safe, even if left plugged in.  Dad was looking for candles for when the power goes out.  haha  wrong candles.

Not everyone will let me use their picture, but believe me, they were all pretty cute.
Top to bottom are Cousin Debbie, Cousin Krissy, Cousins Darla and Raymond

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