You inspire smiles!

You inspire smiles!

Isn’t it interesting how I can be so tired during the day and early evenings – and then WIDE AWAKE at night.  It happens to me all the time.  I love the quiet and peacefulness of the night time.  I can think clearly and get so much done.  I really feel invigorated.

Nice summer day.  Played Words with Friends all morning.  Also, studying and learning a bit more about playing the game.  Then dad and I had lunch with Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel.  Went to Yanni’s Grill Cafe at the Automobile Auction here in Hayward.  It’s really the employees cafeteria, but they have a special menu for non-employees.  Great sandwiches, including soda and french fries – $5.00 – tax included.  Really friendly.  Yanni’s will be hosting our Firemen’s Spaghetti feed here in the park October 13th.  Always a fun time.

Bought more bananas.  Yeah, I’m doing really poorly on eating healthy.  Ate a whole bag of Hot Buffalo Wings pretzels in the last two days.  Good stuff – bad for ya.  Sold and shipped my Vita-mix on eBay.  Turns out I may have to wait 21 days to receive my money from eBay.  The gal sent PayPal like in literally five minutes, but eBay has all kinds of frustrating rules to keep your money.  Not really too happy with eBay.  Think I’ve decided to get the new Vita-mix with the smaller 48 ounce container to fit under the counter.  If I would have known from the beginning, I think I could have just bought the container.  Live and learn.  S L O W L Y   (what else is new).  Did a self video of myself last night.  Boy, am I FAT!  Thinking about including a video bio of me trying to lose weight.  Hopefully, it will make me more accountable.  Not sure if I want to do it on my blog or on my YouTube.  I “think” I can make a separate YouTube channel for something specific like that.

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