Encourage yourself, too!

Encourage yourself, too!

Aaaarg!  Blogger seems to have reverted to the new system again!  I wish they would stop switching.   It is so frustrating.  You get use to doing it one way, then they insist you change to their new way.  I need to settle down and check out WordPress.  Just so busy!  tee hee  Playing Words With Friends.  So far, I think I have lost every single game.  Hopefully, I will continue to improve.  I am really loving it.  Today I am taking a photo of my Vita-Mix Super 5000 Total Nutrition Center which includes both containers for wet and dry ingredients and the tamper.  I checked on eBay and they are receiving quite a few bids and pretty good amounts.  Would like to use the money I make selling my Vita-Mix toward buying a Blendtec.  It’s looking pretty good right now.  Already written everything up – just need to insert photo.  It’s always easier to do while dad is at exercise class.

Here dad is walking all wobbly.  Today, Bill and I made him use his electric chair lift to get up and down the steps.  He is really unstable right now.  And just about thirty minutes ago, about 1:30pm – our next door neighbor, Alma, age 82, was found on the ground outside by a passerby.  I had a chance to speak with Alma in the Paramedics truck.  She thinks she has broken her hip.  Dad and I will go over to St. Rose Hospital tonight about 6:00pm and try and see her.

Dad’s right leg is really giving him a hard time.  He can barely walk at all right now, and it got to hurting so much, that we called Kaiser and made an appointment to see his doctor tomorrow.

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