You are needed.

You are needed.

Oh sure, I’m pretty tense.  I’m pretty depressed.  Then I got to thinking, “Why”?  Turns out I spent the day with dad.  He was driving his car.  Long story short – his being in constant pain and full of constant negativity – drove me over the edge.  I bit my lip as much as I could.  When we got home, I took myself over to La Imperial and had a nice meal.  Got home – Mr. Negativity.  Think I need a xanax.  Got to find an outlet.  I’m about ready to jump off the bridge.  I need some serious space.  Maybe I need to get away for a few days.  Something.  This is not healthy.  Something’s going to give, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be me.  You know what.  I need to go for a barefoot walk at Twin Bridges Park tomorrow.  Linda – Good Idea!

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  1. mttrailboss says:

    Come to, from the best selling book, ‘The Last Best Place’.., Montana. It is beautiful, like you.

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