A thousand miles seems pretty far But they’ve got planes and trains and cars I’d walk to you if I had no other way.

Busy day. My favorite part is I put two green trees in the front yard by the front door. They are as tall as I am. They are artificial, but they look real. They are sturdy for hot heat and snow cold. Trying to secure them for high winds. The winds get to about 100 mph here, so this may take more than one try. My mailman has a swimming pool. I want a swimming pool. I really, really miss swimming. Can’t swim indoors any longer, so definitely, will need either an outdoor pool, lake, river, ocean, water. lol The heat here is nice and I enjoy it, and definitely perfect weather for swimming. My yard is not meant for any kind of pool. Lots on the agenda. Just need more time, more time, more time.

Had tacos tonight with Skipper and Cheri. Cheri’s infected finger appears to be an infection in the bone. Though she cannot get her MRI tests taken until the 13th.

I stubbed my little toe real good. Poor me. (lol) ouchy

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