Action is the foundational key to all success.

Tom and I drove the Malibu and Taurus to Hayward. To our surprise, Ramon’s automotive repair left two weeks ago and no one knows why or where they went to. A new company is already in there. Tom has spent all of his money and cannot even buy a cup of coffee. I think things could become very bleak for him. Hopefully, he will figure things out. We went to the library and looked up the Kelly Blue Book. The cars are older with 100,000 plus miles and not in good condition. Neither car is really worth much. I went to the movies and saw Get Hard with Will Farrell and Kevin Hart. Took a nap in the van. Picked up a toaster oven at Walmart. Couldn’t resist and went and saw The movie GiGi again. I am loving this movie. Went to McDonalds and had a bite to eat and used their wifi. Went to 24Hour Fitbess on Whipple and went swimming and jacuzzi. Felt terrific. Made me very happy.

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