Adventure Before Dementia!

Saw this great T-shirt on a video saying “Adventure Before Dementia! and it had a picture of an RV.
Someone made it up special. I would love to have it.

Signed up for an online RV maintenance class a few days ago, and have spent much of today preparing for it. An awful lot of prep. This is going to be a very intensive five day class. Begins next Wednesday. Should learn a lot. I thought it was just to learn about the systems on your own RV, but turns out it gives you the option to work a little harder and become a
Level 1 RV Inspector. I’ll have to think about that a bit. Also, has a link and training videos to use Quickbooks to do your taxes. I really am seriously considering that. I still haven’t done mine from last year. Don’t know where to start. A little organization would be very helpful.

Seems like I keep starting new projects. Received a phone call from my Timeshare. Apparently, I still have another cruise or vacation coming. So, starting to look into that. They say I can take an all-inclusive vacation includes all food and beverages. It doesn’t hurt to be a little spoiled.

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