Yesterday, Thursday, February 13, 2014, at the age of 62, I FINALLY had Laser Eye Surgery!  Yea!  It is called “All-Laser” Wavefront IntraLASIK and is done with NO Blade.  Dr. Craig S. Bindi performed the surgery from the Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley.  I actually had the procedure performed at Stoneridge in Pleasanton.  I’m pretty happiy with it.  I technically can see distance, but for right now, it is VERY Hazy,  lots of scratchy eyes and discomfort.  I’m just a wussy patient!  So I have been taking lots of Ibuprofin, Tylenol, Xanax and sleeping and putting in eye drops.  Borrowed a pair of cousin Debbie’s reader eyeglasses, which is helping, but definitely need to go find a pair, that hopefully, will be a better prescription for me.  Will probably run over to Walmart or somewhere tomorrow.  My eyes are very scratchy and uncomfortable, and I just want to keep closing my eyes.  Spent last night at cousin Debbie’s.  She made delicious tacos for dinner, and I pretty much slept all of the rest of time.  Can’t wait for my eyes to calm down and feel smoother.

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