Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.

Last night I went into a deep coughing spell like I have not had in the longest time. Green sputum from my chest. Deep chest pain. And it lasted for a good half hour. Oh my gosh. Exactly, what I don’t want the most. BUT! On the bright side. I thought, this is just a good indication that this is the right time to start my Potato Hack. I have been reading the book, and it is really supposed to address inflammation, which is pretty much what this is. Pretty much, most disease is inflammation, we’ve been reading these days. If I could get this chest happier, my entire health would be healthier. So, I have sort of been starting eating the potatoes along with other fruits this weekend. And this morning I weighed in at 185. Definitely better than the 190 I had just recently. Today Cinnamon and I are officially starting our individual diets. This will be great, because certainly my first goal has been to reach 175 again. I haven’t been 175 since I was in Virginia last July. I have been fighting and trying for a whole year unsuccessfully. So, cross fingers, this is going to get me there.

Went to Blue Beacon and had my van washed this morning. Looking forward to going to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. Today I plan on taking it easy and hopefully finishing The Potato Hack book on Kindle. Right now I am in the scientific section and reading it out loud. I love reading long medical words out loud. Nerd? Yuh!

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