Always believe something Wonderful is about to happen.

Perfect timing. So sick this morning. Ate too much hot sauce last night. Sadly, I Love Hot Sauce, but my body consistently tells me I can no longer enjoy it like I once did. This has happened quite a few times now. I Seriously need to listen to my body and admit it is time to let go of Hot Sauce and Hot Peppers. I remember this happened to Uncle Pete. He resisted and suffered with hospitals and surgeries. Some pleasures are worth “remembering the good days” as memories. After all I Am A Delicate Flower. haha well my digestive tract is – that is for sure. Still suffering this afternoon. How many more times am I going to do this til I “Get IT”. I am writing this in my blog to make it real to myself to take this Seriously! This IS REAL You Dumb Stubborn Fool. NO MORE EXCESSIVE amount of hot sauce. (Maybe just a small taste). Let a little go a long way. One package of hot sauce on each Hot Wing –
TOO MUCH. Much Suffering. No Can DO. Stop That! Be Specific. hahaha Let’s hope I get the memo. hehehe I am slow and stupid, but do love feeling Healthy!!!!!!

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