Always believe.

1:00pm. Still no word from Handyman Chuck, though his trailer is still parked in my yard.
Good news. I called Valarie’s Housekeeping today. She is coming to give me an estimate tomorrow morning – AND – she has access to yard work and handymen – so I may be able to Move Forward! Yeaaaaaaa!

Tonight I hope to have the oomph to drive out of town and see Perseid’s Meteor Shower. Tonight and tomorrow night are supposed to be the best nights to view it. Skipper and Cheri were not interested, so I’ll just take myself out. Me and my little van. God Bless Us.

Never heard from Chuck today, but I did call Valaries’s Housekeeping and not only do they clean, but have yard workers and handymen, so I may have some new resources. Also, finally connected with one realtor in Michigan. Will hopefully find out tomorrow if he can help me or not. Have decided to go out into the backyard tonight and see how the sky looks.

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