Amish Country, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Got up extra early this morning and drove to Amish Country. Was surprised how much traffic on the roads so early on a Saturday morning. Arrived at the bus tour about an hour early. Had the whole parking lot to myself. Called Tommmy and we had a nice, long chat. Suddenly, tour bus arrived and things happened quickly. Bought my ticket. Toured the Amish house and grounds, with all the animals, one-room school house, black smith, etc. Then our 90-minute bus tour. All through the Amish country. We saw many Amish people working, playing, riding footed scooter – no bicycles. Horse and buggies everywhere, mingled with the cars. Those poor horses. Their beautiful gardens. We stopped at the oldest farm in the country, where they have a gift store with all kinds of unique items. I bought a Fresh, Hot, Homemade soft pretzel. Must have been 3,000 calories. Best Pretzel Ever! Turns out Amish is a religion. Religion cracks me up. People will give up their lives, and they will take lives, all in the name of religion. Which is actually, all man-made nonsense. The more I observe religion, the more humorous it becomes. It does remind me – you can be anything that you want to be. That is a Good Thing!

I hate the east coast. I can’t even go out and take a walk. The air here is always so thick. I am canceling the rest of my east coast trip. Maybe I will come back another time. But, for right now, I want to drive straight back to Kaiser Oregon and see if they will give me a breast reduction. If they will, it will probably take the rest of this year. But, I think that is one thing that I want most right now. Pretty sure, I need to lose some weight on the way. Good incentive. Not positive, may leave in the morning.

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