And so, she began to start living the life she had always imagined.

It’s Sunday morning. Last day of class. Class started at 4:00am this morning. Honestly, I am not learning how to do anything in this class. It’s a little too technical for me. But, I am staying with it, because I figure the more I’m exposed to this, the more familiar I will become. So, it’s really not helping me with my own RV, but maybe in some abstract way it is. It never hurts to have more knowledge, even if you don’t understand it the first time through. It’s all brand new to me.

Good news. My new tenant moved into the back unit yesterday. Haven’t seen her yet. There is no electricity on over there right now. I’m sure we’ll all figure it out on Monday. I think she may have been involved in the big Blue Cut fire in Cajon Pass in San Bernardino recently. That is about an hour away and she lived there for 18 years, so I’m not sure why she has come out here. Probably just more affordable. Hopefully, she is a good tenant and will be here for many years. She is very close to my age, so that is cool. Everyone else who looked at the unit had small children. I’m feeling positive about this.

Walmart had their million dollar fire on Wednesday, and they are still closed. Not sure when they expect to re-open.

Yesterday, Skipper and Cheri flew to Texas for Jessica’s wedding. They’ll be back on the 4th.

Trying to make the Health Tonic. Too grainy. Going to get a fine mesh strainer and a nut milk bag and strain it. Thank goodness for Amazon. They should be here Tuesday.

Oh, this morning I weighed in at 174. It has been years and years and years since I have seen 174. I am feeling so positive about getting this weight off of me. I don’t know about keeping it off. Will probably need to keep lots of potatoes in my diet when I get this weight off. But, if that is the secret, I am so happy that I have FINALLY discovered it. At least I am never hungry.

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