Any day can be a beautiful day!

How to describe today. High Winds Definitely. I think I now know that I am getting a large part of the noise from the hole in the ceiling in the closet across my bedroom that holds the water heater. Hopefully, now that I have spotted that, I could get “someone” to fix it. Which is pretty funny. Chuck was supposed to arrive at noon. At noon I received his text saying he would arrive later in the day. It is now 7:00pm. Haven’t heard from him. Oh, did I mention – last night when he left – the two televisions do work – thankfully – but Literally! not one single light in the entire house works. He was supposed to bring Scott from O’Brien Electric this afternoon and have that fixed. So, looks like a second night in the dark. Okay. Don’t you just love handymen. I have spent so much time these last few months “waiting” for handymen. Jose also said he was coming today. Never heard a single word.

Good news. Cheri got her blue cast off. Has a walking boot now. She also gets two weeks more off work.

Received a letter about my property that is not rented in Michigan with a Huge list of “to do’s”. Can’t wait to see what that will be. lol At first I was angry/frustrated. But – that’s the game. I have to play it. So que sera. When I find out it costs more to repair that to purchase, I will definitely shed a tear or two. But, one day at a time. Doesn’t all this make you just want to slip into the van and take a little trip. Yep. But, my van cannot travel in these High Winds! Somebody told me it is windy 80% of the time here. If that is true, I really can’t stay. But, maybe if I could get the house a little quieter during these high winds, it will feel more settled. I like to think of this as just another adventure. I mean, honestly, bottom line. I am free to do whatever I please. Come, go, stay, work, play. It really is all a choice. I just kind of like to have this experience for now. I’m not sure why. So I’d like to play it through. My plan was to stay for a year, and so far, I still would like to try that. But, having said that…….. lol you know………. hahahaha

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