Any step in a positive direction moves you forward!

What a day. I definitely had a minor medical crisis early this morning. From 5 – 7:30am. Totally my fault. I have hemorrhoids – fun haahaaa – and then last night I ate Tons of delicious Louisiana hot sauce. Which, hot foods no longer agree with me. I still love eating extra hot, but it does not love me anymore. So, I had this terrible crisis this morning. Almost called 911 – it really escalated. Anyway, I drank tons of water, ate some prunes, drank a big cup of metamucil, and took a xanax to calm down. Everything ended well, and suddenly in a moments notice, I had complete relief. But I took a full xanax pill and it knocked me out and I slept the whole day away. I’m still pretty groggy. Medicines can stay in my body for several days, which is why I seldom take anything. So, let’s just say, I’m pretty non-functioning today. lol

The land surveyor came today and put up metal posts to show the parameters of my property. Oh, and the best news of all. I received a check in the mail for one of my Michigan properties for February and March. Now, I definitely have to get myself to the bank and set up a business account – so I can cash this beautiful check. Since I want to set up a holding company account, this may get more involved. Ugh. I’m dreading it, and I don’t even know what I need to set it up yet. Nothing ever seems to be easy. But, I’ll start at step one and take it step by step. I’m hungry but I’m all drugged up. Think I’ll rest a little more first and then figure out what to eat later. I’m glad I’m calm, but not really crazy about feeling drugged. Best to just sleep through it.

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