Fret no more with fish!  Watch fish swim around an aquarium, and your worries will swim away with them!  In fact, studies show it will lower your blood pressure, reduce stress hormones and ease anxiety.  No tank around?  Many aquariums have live webcams for you to watch.  One to explore:

Today took dad to his post-op doctors appointment for his cataract surgery on his right eye yesterday.  Doctor says its looks good.  Keep using drops for the next four weeks and then go to appointment for new glasses.

Our 23 year old toaster oven started to catch on fire today.  oops!  We tossed it out and went to Sears and bought a new one.  So far, we’re pretty happy with it.  Had to park my car over by the clubhouse again tonight.  They are paving our street.  The new neighbor, across the street, is still moving in.  Today we watched them bring all of his new appliances, TV, washer, dryer.  Pretty fun.

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