Auntie Isabel was rushed to Valley Care Medical Center in Pleasanton at 4:00am this morning and died about 6:00am of a heart attack.  Dad and I, Debbie, Deaunn and Jean went to Uncle Joe’s and cousin Tommy was also there.  Most of the day, Debbie, Deaunn, Jean and I spent at Holy Angel’s Mortuary in Hayward making arrangements.  Turns out, Tommy had told the hospital to send her to Chapel of the Chimes – so we had to make arrangements to get her back over to Holy Angel.   Meanwhile cousin Kenny went to Uncle Joe’s and they had MANY shots of whiskey.  That sounds perfect to me.  Auntie Isabel is 94, would have been 95 December 21st.  You always know this day will come, but there is never any way to prepare for it.  You love someone and you miss them, and that is all there is to it.  And you worry about the loved ones left behind.  I’m going to miss her hugs.  And she always listened to me.  She understood how difficult it is to live with dad, because she always lived with the same “quirks” with Uncle Joe.  We could commiserate together.  Her mind was always bright and she was ready to do things.  She had a Yes attitude.  I’m sure going to miss our twice weekly lunches together, where we could talk for two to six hours about everything.  I always felt like I was being heard when I talked to her.  I feel like the world will feel a little bit more alone without her.  But, I am happy she is in a peaceful place and has no more earthly burdens.  I am happy that she went quickly and had a happy, healthy, full life.  I hope she knows how loved and appreciated she truly was and we send our love with her through all eternity.  Rest in Peace my beautiful Auntie.  I Love You.

Dad and I are going to ask Uncle Joe to come live with us.  I REALLY hope he says yes.  If he stays alone, we are going to lose him too quickly.  I love Uncle Joe so much, and remember all the happy days they had when they were young and their uncles came and lived with them.  I definitely want this for us.  Families need to stay together, and we have such a fun, loving family.  It is so the right thing.  We have to make this happen for ALL of us.  Bet we’ll be eating a lot more pasta again soon!  lol  Can’t wait.

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