Take a deep breath, and just enjoy life.

Went to the bank and applied for a refinance loan this morning.
Went to Relax the Back and bought a pillow.
This afternoon went to the movies and saw SpongeBob SquarePants. Very cute movie. Turns out Tucson really doesn’t have neighborhoods or sidewalks. Lots of cactus, trailers, condos, apartments, gated communities. The Elks Lodge is definitely not in a good location for me. Parking will be a little challenging this evening. Have a 9:00am appointment with Arizona Road-Runner RV tomorrow. I got in almost 12,000 steps today.

Time is relative. Princess Diana died 18 years ago and it seems like quite a while ago. My mom died nine years ago and I feel like she’s still here.

Buyer and Cellar

Went to the Phoenix Theater and saw the one-man play, Buyer and Cellar. Definitely makes me want to start going to see lots more live theater again. Haven’t gone to any since mom died. Use to go all the time. Drove to Tucson. I am really having a hard time with night driving. Happy to be settled in at the casino tonight.

Tonopah, Arizona

Traveling nice and slow, about 50mph. Spending the night at another rest area. Tonight in Tonopah. About an hour more to Phoenix. This afternoon stopped and had a nice two-hour nap. It has been a little windy, which seems to help keep it from getting too warm. Tomorrow going to check out the Elks Lodge in Phoenix. No electric or water for RVs, but looks like they have a nice swimming pool. Sure hope so.

Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you choose to be.

The seller on Carson Street has agreed to my offer and we are going forward. The seller on Navajo is still asking way too much, so I have decided against that property at this time. Got everything together this morning and I am back on the road. Whew. You have no idea how good it feels. I think I would like to have a place to call my own. For now the van seems the best fit, so I can move about. Just wish I was able to add more solar so that I could keep it cool in the afternoon and evening. One day at a time. Good news. I got my 10,000 steps in today.

Be patient.

Skipper and I did a walk-through on both duplexes on Navajo and Carson. They both need more work than we anticipated and I re-adjusted my offers. If accepted, we will have inspections completed and see where we are. To celebrate, the three of us went to dinner at Lola’s Kitchen. Who should we run into, but my new broker, Diane Flores and her family.