Yorktown, Virginia

Having such a great time with Tammie. Today Don treated us to lunch at the restaurant Steve works at. Steve waited on us, and sat with us for such a fun lunch. Delicious. Tammie and I went shopping and then we went and had massages. Definitely the perfect afternoon. We came home and walked our 10,000 steps with Abby the dog. And had amazing oolio oolio for dinner.

Yesterday was Monday and Tammie drove Caity and I nine hours from Grovetown, Georgia. We had breakfast at South of the Border. Don bought delicious steaks and Steve cooked them. He is a great cook and server. He will do amazing things when he gets to Portland.

You are so blessed with so much talent, strength and possibility!

Fun Day! This morning Brendon, Tacy, Olivia and I went for donuts. Then to the pumpkin patch. Hay ride, animals, big slide, maize maze. Lots to do and see. This afternoon Tammie and Caity arrived and we all had dinner at Kinki Sushie, followed by the cupcake store. Played Hand and Foot til 1:30am. So nice to receive phone call from Bill Mack.

Second Fitbit

Have only used Fitbit for a short time, but it has died on me again. Went to Target today and bought a new one. Love wearing it. Glad I bought it. Love reaching 10,000 steps. Went with Tacy to a little get-together today and later took a warm, sunny walk with Olivia and dog Maggie. Tonight Brendon took us to a cute dessert restaurant downtown. We are trying to finish up our episodes of “Once Upon a Time”. Two more episodes left.

Smiles are like gems… Especially yours!

Tacy, Olivia, and I took Maggie to the dog park this afternoon. Lots of fun. My fitbit has stopped working…. Again! Think it is time to get. New Fitbit. Every night we have been watching episodes of Onve Upon A Time. Really good series. Having lots of fun playing with Olivia, Tacy and Maggie. Brendon will get home earlier tomorrow and will have more time with him.


Time is flying by argent to write my blog. Too much time on airplanes. Back to one finger typing on iPad. Left computer in Barstow. Six hour delay in Houston trying to get to Atlanta. Having so much fun. We all went to dinner at Cheddars. Oh yeah, and Skipper and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and watched the 49ers in Las Vegas. We had a great time. Then we went to the Fremont Experience. Live entertainment everywhere. Can’t wait to go back. Today Tacy took us over the border to South Carolina to pick up her co-op fresh vegetables. We went shopping to Hobby Lobby and Target. Olivia is so much fun. We have been playing constantly. So happy I came. Brendon and Tacy are so amazing. Love everything here.

There’s no limit to how good life can be.

Another perfect day. Great breakfast. Stayed in bed and we all watched hours of hours of Roosevelt that was taped on the History Channel. Tonight we all went to Victorville and picked up Skipper and Cheri’s friend Sue and had dinner at Red Lobster. So many brilliant stars out in the dark desert. Just what I have been looking forward to seeing. This is such a great weekend. Today we Face Timed with first Brendon, Tacy and Olivia in Georgia. Then with Kat in Washington, D.C. Can’t wait to see everyone. Leaving from Las Vegas airport tomorrow night at 1:00am and will arrive in Atlanta Tuesday 11:00am, where Tacy will pick me up. Travel time!

Customize your future. Dream!

Cray Saturday. Woke up. Showered. Took morning walk. Back was out. Ended up taking two 800mg Ibuprofin, ice pack, and Cheri and I napped until 4:00pm. Skipper brought home Little Ceasar pizza. Watching Nascar. Sounds crazy, but I Loved today. Lazy and cozy. Back is feeling much better. Now going to watch Nascar and play on computer.

Today can be even better than yesterday.

Time just traveling too fast. Have computers hooked up at Skipper and Cheri’s. Nice to have internet connection. These are the small things that you miss while traveling on the road. Love being able and just type on the computer. Skipper and I had a great lunch at Del Taco yesterday. Cheri made amazing broccoli salad and cheese balls. She took half to her pot luck at work today. She is doing well. Working half time and still going for physical therapy. Gets tired easily naturally, but each day getting healthier. Last night Skipper and I watched lots of the old comedians on YouTube videos. George Burns, Jack Benny, George Goble, etc. etc. Lots of fun.

Today we are driving to Victorville to Lenscrafters. I am finally going to order my progressive glasses so that I can see.

Life brings more than one joy at a time.

Pulled out my laptop because I get tired of trying to blog with one finger on my iPad. But, it takes forever to get out my laptop and my hotspot and get everything connected. Haven’t posted for a couple of days and trying to remember what I did. Paul Revere of Paul Revere and the Raiders died of cancer at the age of 67 a couple days ago. I am such a big fan that it just also happened, that I had their CD in my dash and had been listening to it the last few days, not knowing. We saw them perform live night after night in the lounge when we were working at Harrahs in Reno in the late 70’s. Went to the movies again and saw a good movie with Jane Fonda, Jason Bateman, and Tina Fey. Enjoyed spending time with the family – Uncle Joe, Tommy, cousin Debbie. Have been driving all night and stopping to rest. Getting close to Barstow. I would rather write my blog on my laptop, because it is so much easier to type, but hassle pulling it out and getting it set up. Need to find an easy routine. Ordered an antiglare film, hopefully, will be able to take pictures and see my iPhone screen in the daylight.