The best things in life can happen when we least expect them.

Made my phone calls this morning and scheduled my appointments for the Bay Area for the first week of October. The WINs have so many fun things coming up, I’m really looking forward to them. Today I did my laundry, had my bathroom latch repaired, went shopping. This evening we had a cheese, wine and chocolate party. Lots of fun. Beautiful evening.

Be yourself. There’s no one better.

Keep getting lost in time. Had a great lunch at an adorable cafe yesterday. It was a travel day. We are back in Oregon. Had another great breakfast this morning and another adorable cafe. Are in Tillamook and went to the Blue Herron Cheese Factory today. Very cute. They have everything there. Can’t believe the latch on my bathroom door is not working correctly. Have to take it over to the RV repair Monday and have it fixed. Always something. Have been listening to my Hillary Clinton Audible book Hard Choices. It is about 24 hours book. I have seven hours to go. Can’t imagine trying to sit down and read this book. Also downloaded a hypnosis weight loss app. Still determined to get this weight off. I hope all of this almond roca and cheese are on my list. Lol. Oh we’ll. it’s fun.

Long Beach and Ilwaca Washington

Finally made it back to the WINs. The private property couldn’t hold all the rv’s, so they all moved to an rv park. Instead of free, it is $15 a night dry camping. And we have to leave a few days early, because they are booked. Spent the whole day with Ellen at the doctors. She took a bad fall a week ago and is still I. A lot of pain. Pretty much serious bruising. Going to take it easy. Of course, I love taking it easy, so this should be a good week. Tee hee. I am so lazy.

You’re someone to believe in.

Received my weighted blanket and had my LED light replaced and drove all the to Long Beach, Washington. About twelve miles from destination. It was dark, so pulled over to side of road with a truck and RV for the night. Enjoyed the drive. I drive about 40 mph, so my five hour trip took me eight hours. Lol. This state is so lush and beautiful. We have had amazing weather. Stopped at Ruby Beach. Fascinating to look at, but rocks, not sand for the beach. A really nice day.

I have been so upset about Robin Williams death, I hadn’t realized, it has already been a whole month since Rob died. Still not crazy about this whole death thing in the scheme of life. Lots of sad feelings and feelings of loss. If it’s so natural, why doesn’t it feel that way?

The good things in life can get even better. Enjoy!

Gee, is it possible that I can be this happy doing absolutely nothing. So far, the answer is Yes. Been hanging out in the daytime in the Walmart lot. At night, pulling into a quiet neighborhood and leaving at daybreak. Quiet and peaceful. Feeling so good, getting lots of little projects in my van completed. Still settling in. It is so quiet and private and cozy in here. Finally opened one of my eight books I bought to learn more about my ipad and iphone. I am just too Contented for words. In a couple do days I’ll meet back up with the WINs. Kind of nice going back and forth between busy and relaxed. I’m. Lucky because I enjoy both.

Good news. Skipper and Cheri flew back to California this morning! They have been in Texas since last November having had their bad car accident. I am so super happy for them I could burst.

When you believe in yourself, others do, too.

Spent the night in Sequim, WA. Pronounced “skwim”. My weighted blanket is not going to be arriving until Monday the 18th. Have gone to Deer Park Cinemas twice. Saw 100 Foot Journey and the new Marvel film. Enjoyed both of them. Have been organizing the van, shopping, resting, and getting lots of little projects done. Never seem to run out of projects. Lol

Mostly taking it slow and enjoying the pace. I’m about 5 hours from Portland – which means, mist of the things I want and need – forget it. Haha. I am in the middle of nowhere. Relaxing, but not too productive. That’s okay. Fair trade-off.