Never, never never give up.

Such a busy day. We did not stop working, organizing, cleaning,washing, cooking, etc today. Sure got a lot done. So much more to do. Skipper, Cheri and I are all starting today to drink AXIO every single day. Scientifically proven to increase focus, mood, energy, stamina, liquid brain food, blood-brain, mental clarity. We certainly can use that.

Follow your bliss.

Left Wickenburg, AZ at 2:00pm yesterday and spent the night at a rest area. Am in Apple Valley this morning. Enjoyed a swim and shower at 24-hour fitness. Want to catch up on some movies today. Cancelled my new PPO yesterday. It had no major medical. Going to stay with Kaiser.

Saw Big Hero 6. Then went to the Oasis Foot Spa. Fantastic. For $25 the foot spa included the whole body. I’d like to go back tomorrow.

Talent No Talent Show

Had another Foot Relexology this morning. Feeling better, but it is kinda kickin my sluggish butt. Lots of toxins released. Signed up with a PPO for health insurance today. Cross fingers. We’ll see how this works out. Tonight I play the kazoo in the Talent No Talent. Tomorrow is our last day.

Foot Relexology

This morning had my foot reflexology appointment that I won from the raffle. Christie Young is the massage therapist and she is really good. I scheduled a second appointment with her for tomorrow, since Friday is our last day here. Here is what she taught me in our forty minute session. Left kidney. She didn’t suggest specifically what to do about that. Acid reflux. Take a pinch of baking soda in a glass of water. Keep a glass of water by bedside for nighttime thirst. Drink ginger tea. Use ginger essential oils on bottom of foot and pads of hands. Thyroid, for hypothyroid, hang neck over side of bed. Morning, turn head to side and raise knees. Type A positive blood, eat mostly vegetables, some lean meat, no dairy. Go to Costco and buy Nutri-bullet for green smoothies and always eat one boiled egg for breakfast. This is condensed because she was very helpful. For the rest of the day, I was pretty wiped out and experienced some strong digestive issues. Drinking water and taking it easy getting lots of rest.

Prescott, Arizona

Today was my team’s day to set up the continental breakfast and clean-up afterwards. Also, at 4:00pm we brought the afternoon snacks.

After breakfast, Joel and I drove up to Prescott and had lunch and a fun drive and walk around town. After snacks, we walked into Wickenburg and saw the town and had an amazing dinner. Everywhere we go is historic and filled with history. Lots of old west out here. So much to see and do.

LifeVantage Financial Freedom

I know. I know. I am supposed to be enjoying my time here with the WINs. I am so excitedly enthused with my fast learning curve on “doing the business”. I have my new MacBook Pro up and running – “learning curve”. Lol. Everything is happened at once. Have been talking on the phone like crazy with Skipper with all the new information. We have been making it so complicated – and it is actually so easy. Or at least simple. It is now fast and easy to just ask people if they are interested. Most won’t be. But others, like ourselves, will jump right in. Then those are the people we will work with and go forward. This is so simple – even an Italian can do it!

Have been going crazy learning my new MacBook Pro. Been dealing with the GeekSquad for four hours. No help. Finally, figured it out myself. Go figure!

Had a big pizza party for dinner and a lot of drawings. I won a flash drive for the computer and a foot massage!