Foster Freeze

Cheri feeling better after car accident yesterday. She worked four hours today. Skipper and I spent the day together. Went to tow company nd got things out of car and had root beer freezes. Been years since I’ve had a freeze. Delicious! Lots of fun. Then long nap. Perfect day.

Cheri’s Accident

Cheri wasn’t feeling well this morning. Went into work at 11 instead of 7. Two minute commute. Received phone call. She rear-ended a Toyota Tundra truck. The truck had a scratch. The front end of her Camry is really bad. Towed away. Possibly might be able to fix. Took her to the doctor and then x-Rays. Pretty shoo ken up. Then we all drove to Victorville. Costco, Best Buy and Lenscradters and picked up my new glasses. So happy to have them. Then picked up my van from Michelle’s. Picked up tacos at Jack-in-the-Box. Watched San Francisco Giants win the 2014 World Series. Glad everybody ended the day well

Fronier Airlines

Flew up to Georgia two weeks ago on Spirit Airlines. Lots of extra charges for bags. $50 for my one carry-on bag. Flew back from Virginia to Las Vegas on Frontier Airlines. No charge for same bag. Enjoyable flight. They do serve on beverages and snacks that you purchase. No free. Skipper picked me up at the airport. We spent a few hours in Las Vegas. Had a bite to eat and did some minor gambling. Fun. House wins again. lol Went to Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur. Beautiful. Finally got home at 4:30am. Feeling pretty good this morning. Catching up with computer and stuff.

Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Fun Sunday with Tammie. We spent all day touring Historic Virginia in New Kent County and Williamsburg. Saw the Colonial Capital and walked all along the streets and the buildings. So interesting. Can’t wait to come back in July for lots more. Visited the Peanut Shop, the Candy Shop, the Cheese Shop. And, of course, brought home caramel apples!

Washington, DC

Tammie and I drove to Washington DC this morning and spent this delightful day with Kat. We walked over 20,000 steps and saw the White House, the Capitol, the Monument Mall, the Museum of Art, the Smithsonium. Such a full, perfect day. Three hour drive each way. Ate Chick Fil-A for the first time today. We saw so much, and there is so much more to see. Can’t wait to go back.

Busch Gardens Virginia

Tammie and I spent the best day at Busch Gardens. We rode every roller coaster, saw all the live shows, road the train and sky ride. My Fitbit shows we walked over 16,000 steps. The weather was perfect all day and all night. We got on all the rides quickly and each ride was better than the next. They were also celebrating Halloscream. All the Halloween fun and characters everywhere. Perfect day.

You are someone to celebrate.

Wednesday morning Tammie and I enjoyed a delicious breakfast with salami, prosciutto, fruit and tea, followed by a great afternoon pedicure. Fun visit with her creative artist clients, Laura and Phil. Then my favorite activity, driving around and given the tour of Historic Yorktown, with all the houses, and where the British laid down their arms and surrendered. And the deep River that runs through. This evening we went to the Norfolk Mall and picked up Caity and went out for a delicious dinner of enchiladas and Margaritas.

Thursday Tammie had a meeting all morning at work. Then we went to the Planters Peanut Center, except it wasn’t. Lol
Had a nice lunch and walked around Suffolk. Then took a nice drive through the historic neighborhoods. Came home and got I. Our 10,000 steps. Back to Walmart for three Halloween pumpkins for the front porch steps. Then root beer floats and popcorn, followed by home movies on YouTube.

Yorktown, Virginia

Having such a great time with Tammie. Today Don treated us to lunch at the restaurant Steve works at. Steve waited on us, and sat with us for such a fun lunch. Delicious. Tammie and I went shopping and then we went and had massages. Definitely the perfect afternoon. We came home and walked our 10,000 steps with Abby the dog. And had amazing oolio oolio for dinner.

Yesterday was Monday and Tammie drove Caity and I nine hours from Grovetown, Georgia. We had breakfast at South of the Border. Don bought delicious steaks and Steve cooked them. He is a great cook and server. He will do amazing things when he gets to Portland.

You are so blessed with so much talent, strength and possibility!

Fun Day! This morning Brendon, Tacy, Olivia and I went for donuts. Then to the pumpkin patch. Hay ride, animals, big slide, maize maze. Lots to do and see. This afternoon Tammie and Caity arrived and we all had dinner at Kinki Sushie, followed by the cupcake store. Played Hand and Foot til 1:30am. So nice to receive phone call from Bill Mack.