Mount Rainier, Washington

Was up from 1:00am to 4:00am. 7:00am pancakes and BACON, yea! 8:00am four full cars drove to Mount Rainier, 87 miles from here, about a two hour drive. Perfect, clear, blue sky day. Gorgeous mountain. Watched the films, hiked around and saw fantastic water falls. Picnic lunch. I’ve been bringing Special K protein drink, pretzels, and two bottles of water. Perfect. It is so much fun to be living in the world of Yes, and no longer in the world of no. We stopped so many times, and saw everything. Including Dan Kleppners yard of sculpture. And the caboose trains which are hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. tonight we played Pegs and Jokers and won both games. Today, learned how to see myself taking a selfie and how to post pictures on Facebook. But apparently, I took all of my. Pictures in sepia. Oops….. Learning curve. Lol

Point Defiance Park, Washington

7:00am pancakes and last of the bacon (not-so-quiet sob). 8:00am Hugs and Mugs. 10:00am heading to Point Defiance Park, which includes 600 acres unlogged, natural lands, zoo, aquarium. Today my friend Rob Johnstone, who has been living in Minnesota with his wife Shiela Carpenter, passed away at the age of 61. Gone too soon. Have known Robbie since kindergarten. We went to Santa Barbara together when I was 18 and he was 17. A couple of years later we went to Pensacola, Florida together. A few years later we went to Barbra Streisand’s house together. We did private security and private investigative work together. We did so many things together. Rest in Peace Good Friend. See you on the Other Side. Enjoy!

Sure enjoyed Point Defiance Park. Puffin fish, polar bear, tiger, gorgeous trees. Great hike. Picnic lunch. Hey! I can take off my jeans without unbuttoning them! I’m a happy girl!

Ellen made us a delicious dinner in her RV tonight. Chicken and a salad. Missed her not being with us today. Tonight I learned how to play Pegs and Jokers. A lot of thinking and strategy. Not too sure I want to think that hard. Lol

Poulsbo, Washington

Yesterday we had so much fun in Historic, Downtown Poulsbo, Washington. Today, 7:00 am pancakes and bacon, 8:00am Hugs and Mugs. Took off and went everywhere. Literally, did not get back until exactly 5:00pm for Circle. This state is so green and beautiful. Today was a Free Day. Ellen and I are exhausted. Lol. We are also helping coordinate for our next stop, next week in Port Townsend. We got a lot accomplished today. Finally had our meal at 4:00pm. Panera. Fresh and delicious. Also went to Bremerton. We to a farmers market.

Port Orchard, Washington

Blueberry pancakes and bacon at 7:00am. Delicious. Hugs and Mugs 8:00am. Ellen and I drove to Port Orchard and went through the antique stores. Of course, we took the “scenic” route – didn’t know where we were going. So beautiful. We had breakfast again at Kelly’s Cafe in Gig Harbor. This is such a lush, green area and with Puget Sound and all of the yachts and ships. Pretty breath-taking, every inch. Stopped at Kohl’s and bought six new colorful tops. Then to Safeway. Circle at 5:00pm. Cheeseburgers and leftovers. Lots of fun. At 7:00pm, we went to the neighbors. Has two huge barns filled with collection of classic cars and tractors. VW’s, Model A’s, John Deere. I probably should take pictures. It would take thousands of words to describe. Amazing! Finished listening to Tim Conway’s Audible book and started Hillary Clinton’s new book “Hard Choices”. 28 hours. This may take awhile. Lol. Kaiser called and changed my appointment from the 23rd to the 29th.

Friday July 18, 2014
Pancakes and bacon 7:00am. Hugs and Mugs 8:00am. This morning we all went to the Naval Museum. It was free and one of the best museums we have been to. Spent a long time there. Then we went to this small Norwegian town, Paulsbo, with all the cute shops and buildings. And delicious lunch. Went the wrong way coming home – naturally. Lol. Had a really fun day. I’m ready for a nap.

Pike’s Place Market in Seattle

Walkers at 6:00am – too fast and far for me, darn it. 7:00am pancakes and bacon. 8:00am. Hugs and Mugs. 9:00 Ferry to Pike’s Place Market in Seattle. I’m not going because I just don’t want to spend two hours on a ferry today. Going to stick around here and just goof off and do nothing. Probably for several days because tomorrow they want to go sit in a tavern all day. Not my thing. And Saturday is a Free Day.

Enjoyed today. Finally pulled out my Bose speaker and learned how to use it and listened to Tim Conway’s book on Audible. Got lots of little things done today. Feeling relaxed and contented.

Gig Harbor History Museum

Had pancakes for all early this morning. Hugs and Mugs at 8:00am. We all went to Gig Harbor History Museum today. Highly recommend it. Docent. Lots of exhibits, hands on, films, photos, the ship, the schoolhouse and much more. Then we walked around the town and found great one-of-a-kind shops. So creative. Had lunch downtown. Later went to the bank, Kohls and Safeway. Inviting all the friends and neighbors around the harbor for burgers and pot luck tonight. Circle at 5:00pm. Games at 6:30pm every night. One group will walk 3 to 4 miles every morning at 6:00am. This is a very active group!

Great pot luck dinner. Bob played his bag pipes in full regalia. We all danced and sang along with him. Took a two and a half mile walk along Puget Sound. What a great day.

Gig Harbor, Washington

Travel Day to Gig Harbor, Washington. Followed Ellen. We had a nice breakfast at Peper’s Cafe – third day to eat there. Made a couple stops along the way. What an exclusive, beautiful area with lake, harbor and view of Mt. Rainier. We got here later than most, and somehow, I was put next to the owners house. Full hook-ups – electricity, water. And because I am in a small van, I get to use the bathroom and shower! While every one else is boondocking. What a surprise! I love it! Ellen made us a fantastic dinner in her RV. I watched “For Pete’s Sake” with Barbra Streisand on my DVD. This morning I “dumped” for the first time. Quite an interesting day!

Solar battery losing energy.

Solar battery is not charging correctly. Numbers are too low. Probably have to stop my traveling and go back to dealer and have this corrected. No telling how long this may take. They always have a backlog. Has to be done. Bummed.

Saturday, we went to the Visitor Center. Another great film about Mt. St. Helens and another Ranger talk and museum. What a fascinating story. Then to the Lavender Farm. Tasted lots of fresh lavender and bought a bottle of essential oil. Delicious lavender tea and lavender cookies. Enjoyed a live quartet of flutes, followed by classical guitar. Saturday night, potluck dinner with entertainment and exchanged gifts for Christmas in July. Slept with my back door open. Better, but it is still hot. Enjoying myself and want to keep going.

Sunday we did laundry and had a nice supper at Pepper’s Cafe. Getting ready for Travel Day to Gig Harbor, Washington tomorrow. Half of our group left today.

Mount St. Helen’s Volcano

What a fun day. We went to Mount St. Helen’s Volcano Visitor Center. Watched the video. Listened to Ranger Sarah. Read all the plaques. And all the hands-on displays. When the 17-minute film ended – the screen went up and through the large window – was the real Mount St. Helen. Took your breath away. Then we drove around the area. More museums, lakes, had a picnic lunch. This evening, we drove into town to the a Elks club for an amazing spare ribs dinner. Then over to the outdoor park for the Johnny Cash Tribute concert. We danced through the whole concert. Then went late-night shopping. Full day.