Downtown Quartzsite

Spent the whole day in downtown Quartzsite. Went to the Big White Tent at the RV show. The Pow Wow with the Rocks, Minerals, and Gems. Overload. That is huge and e erything is so beautiful. I suddenly couldn’t take in anymore. Went to the Readers Oasis Bookstore. Definitely went way over my 10,000 steps today. A little windy, but lots of beautiful sunshine.

Paul Winer Entertainment

Had our follow-up meeting this morning on learning to plan a Gathering. This afternoon I participated in the “Open House” where comes sees inside your RV. Yesterday I was one of the “Scoopers” at our Ice Cream Social. Sold a few things at our “Yard Sale” thus afternoon. Ran into town and picked up my new mattress pad that I ordered at the RV show last week. Tonight we had a great two and a half hour live concert with Paul Winer. He is the famous nakedg guy that runs the bookstore here in Quartzsite. He was not naked for our concert. He is known professionally as Sweet Pie. Busy. Busy. Busy. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Beginning Escrow

Had an Amazing 90-minute massage here by fellow WIN Will Sowle. After Circle enjoyed a great talk seminar about the Las Vegas Electronic show and many of the new things that will be coming out. Getting escrow started today. The seller has had the repairs completed on the electrical and plumbing. Fairly windy day. Happy to be snuggled in my cozy Van.

Somewhere Bar & Grill – Bouse, Arizona

Every day is busy. So much to do and see in Quartzsite. Made an appointment with Solar Discount for next Monday. Hopefully, the can find out why my solar does not hold a charge.

Tonight we drove over to Bouse, Arizona, and had a delicious steak dinner; followed by good music and dancing. Capped the evening off around the camp fire here in the desert. Gorgeous evening. Every night the sky is full of stars. So beautiful.

Quartzsite Day 8

Yikes! Here I go again.yesterday, I sai I would just wait until today to write my blog – but today I cannot remember what I did yesterday. I guess that’s why I tend to live in the moment. I can’t remember the moment before. Lol.

Today the big RV show started. I spent the whole day there going through the indoor booths, and never saw a single RV. Will definitely be going back and trying this again. Also learned that my van does not travel through gravel. Learning curve.

Quartzsite Day 6

Took another full day and got a lot of things accomplished today. Came back to camp early about 2:00pm. Greeted a lot of people that arrived today. Agreed to taking over Coordinating the hot dog grilling tomorrow.

After Circle tonight, got maps and update on our Mexico trip. Then attended a class on the iPhone and iPad. FaceTimed with Cheri, Skipper, and Jean.

Quartzsite Day 4

Went into town today and walked through tons of vendors. Bought 5 hats total! Some jerky, sheets and dozens of small items. It was so much fun, and I found all kinds of small things that I have been looking all over for. Made it back for Circle with a full minute to spare. Haha. Lots of my favorite WINs pulled in today. There are a LOT of RVs here and they keep coming. They have a big camp fire every night, but it is pretty cold and I am happy to snuggle inside.

Quartzsite Day 3

Too lazy to pull out laptop and set up hotspot, so typing one-finger on iPad. Nice quiet day yesterday. Got Tons accomplished. It is so nice to have some time alone in my van and continue to get organized and learn about it. Found a new blog of another gal full-timing in the small Roadtrek 170. Learning more tricks from her blog. Today I drove out 37 miles to Walmart and bought groceries. Spent a couple hours at Urgent Care but was never seen. Just wanted some cold sore medicine. Think I have enough to get me through for now.

Came back to WINs and went to New Orientation meeting. Then Circle. Then meeting for our trip to Mexico. Then it turned very cold. Now I am snuggled up in my warm, cozy van. Hoping to get to Solar Mike’s tomorrow and try one more time to see if I can add more solar. Cross fingers.