Reading a great book “Engine 2 Diet” by Rip Esselstyn.

B12 –

2 TBL Nutritional yeast; or glass of fortified soy milk; or bowl of fortified cereal; or 500 microgram pill chewed or dissolved in mouth to increase absorption.

Exercise:  www.theengine2diet.com

Eat plant based diet.  No meat, no dairy, no oils.

Recommends cholesterol to be 150 or lower.  Mine was last tested three years ago in 2010 and was 210.  Recommends ldl – Low density lipoprotein to be 80 or lower – mine was 105.  Definitely want to lower my numbers.  Research shows if you have 150 / 80 or lower – you will NOT have a heart attack or stroke, among many other health benefits.

Today was a lazy day for me.  No energy this morning.  This afternoon, dad and I went through the back parking lot at Kaiser and had our flu shots in the car.  Fast and easy!  I ate crap all day and did not go swimming.  Just couldn’t sleep at all last night.  Reading this book tonight and want to get back to losing weight and eating healthy.




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