Back in Hayward

What a long, crazy day. Left Oregon yesterday late afternoon and arrived here at 7:30am. Very scary with my eyes changing constantly. I’m certain angels were with me – and still are! I still haven’t slept. Too much to do. Went to the Pleasanton Fairgrounds RV – No Vacancies. Called Lake Chabot – No Vacancies. Late tonight, I met the sweetest couple, and they are letting me park beside their house at night while I am here. I signed up for a one-month membership with 24-hour fitness, for showers and swimming! My eye doctor cannot see me until the 12th – and I have no idea when he will schedule the surgery. I am going to call again tomorrow, and see if I can schedule a San Jose appointment sooner. I really need to get organized. I crammed everything into the van – and can’t find anything. Think I am going to toss a lot more stuff. I just want to get organized – and get my eyes happy. Both of the couple, Jack and Rhina – had LASIK surgery – and it was Perfect. Same for our Katie. Sigh……. Oh well, everything always works out in the end.

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