Be good to yourself, too!

Had lots of fun at dinner with the gang last night. When I got home, I received a phone call that my guy can not come finish my living room and hall walls this morning. Which actually works out fine. Now I am able to attend the Women’s Club Budget Meeting this morning. Oh – do I really want to attend a “Budget Meeting?” haha I am living in Bizarre World right now. But, for now, I am going for it. Also, the strong winds we have been having, are supposed to be leaving, and the warm weather is returning. So, I’m excited for the day to begin. Also, hoping my guy will be able to find time to come finish my wall. 🙂

I just went outside. I’m getting blown all over the place. Ugh. I can’t function in high winds. I think tomorrow they will settle down. Off to the Budget Meeting. What a whacko day!

Budget Meeting went well. It did take over 2 1/2 hours, but that is because they had the wrong year, and it was a bit tedious to redo the whole budget line by line. Came home. Ran to Walmart and then grabbed Chinese take-out. Came home and ate and took a long nap. Alvin called. Aaron is coming to finish my wall at 9:00am tomorrow. He is picking up the paint now. My nap rejuvenated me and I ran to the library, bank, Senior Thrift Store, Dollar Tree and Von’s. Came home and repaired the sign on my front gate. Caught up on some reading. Though I am getting more tax bills for my land properties. Grrrr… Not really enjoying that. We’ll see if that was such a good idea. lol Although, some other things are working out pretty well so far, so maybe it all balances out. Each day is an interesting challenge for sure.

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