Be happy for his moment. This moment is your life!

Went for a quick slow jog this morning.  Dad and I picked up Eleanor Flanagan and we all went to lunch at Yanni’s Café at the Auto Auction for $5.00 each.  Then we drove to CVS at A Street and Foothill, and picked up dad’s cane that he left when we went there yesterday after my chiropractor appointment.  We stopped and looked at the cool mural of Russell City.  And over to San Lorenzo where they have removed ALL of the retail buildings.  Over to Eleanor’s house and played with Luie and made another call to Consumer Watch.  No one will call us back.  Then back into my car and showed Eleanor Spanish Ranch II where the exercise class is.  Then over to the park and played fetch with the ball with Luie.  Came home and I went swimming for two hours followed up with the Jacuzzi.  The nice guy that I see every day, I started talking with him and asked his name.  After 35 years living here, it turns out his name is Al Titus and he lives behind Bill Mack.  He is OUR neighbor!  Turns out he also grew up in West Oakland on Adeline and went to Fremont High and was born April 1924.  He is only 11 months older than dad.  They have so much in common and have never had a conversation!  We talked for an hour in the Jacuzzi, and admittedly, I had a touch of heat exhaustion.  Bill Mack and gang were just starting poker and Bill gave me a bottle of water, and Jake kind of sat with me until I cooled down a bit.  My cell phone is acting very finicky tonight.  I wish it would just die completely so I would break down and buy a new one.  Why are cell phones so expensive.   At least the ones that I like?  SMILE!

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