Be open and sincere.

Got up early rhis Sunday morning and did four loads of laundry. Had the whole laundromat to myself about half the time. Love that. Get so much more accomplished. Had a nice lunch at Taqueria. Loading more of Tommy’s CDs onto my iTunes. Going to the afternoon movie and seeing The movie GiGi. – Loved the movie GiGi. Tommy and I went to Rasputin’s and had dinner at Shari’s. And then went to his trailer and chose lots more CDs to download. Went to 24 Hour Fitness. Went swimming for half an hour, when nine again women showed up to the pool. Each grabbed two noodles, and then stood in n the pool and giggled. Very cute. Then they showed them how to grab the sides and kick. So I went to the jacuzzi. The left side of my back has been out all week and spasming. I really need to call the chiropractor in the morning.

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