Be open to whatever comes next.

Went to Chocolate World in Hershey, Pennsylvania today. They are very generous with their chocolate samples. Went on the chocolate tour. It sure takes a lot of time and effort to make a bar of chocolate starting with the cocoa beans and all the processing. Fascinating. Then went on the Tasting Tour. Lots of fun. Melting the chocolate in your mouth, really brings out the flavors. Then took the bus tour and toured the town, the Hershey Home, (all from inside the bus), the schools, the mansions for the executives, the homes for over 2,000 indigent and/or orphaned boys and girls to live, go to school, learn trades, all paid from a $60 Million Plus – Trust Fund from a century, or more, ago.

Am putting in double-paned windows in my duplex in Barstow. If I ever decide to live there, it will be more comfortable. Also, it will have better curb appeal for renting, or someday, selling.

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