Be stronger than your excuses.

Wide awake. Got up at 3:00am and took shower, did laundry. Stayed up til 7:00am, then took a short nap. Handyman Raymond showed about for about a half hour and then never came back. Cement mixer still in my front yard, so hopefully, he is planning on doing the cement work this week. Although, he did take his trailer.

My new tenant parked directly behind me, and locked me in all day yesterday. So, I have moved my van to Skipper’s driveway for the week. Helped Carol with different things and her car today. Spent several hours with her. Hoping everything works out okay.

Walmart still not open. This may take a while. The national debate is tonight with Trump and Clinton. Trump is much more animated, and Americans love that. They predict 100 million people will watch tonight.

I have so many things to do, and I got so few of them done today. Tomorrow, I go for my pedicure.
High priority. lol I am really looking forward to it. Everything else can definitely wait.

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