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Went to Dr. Hightower, the chiropractor this morning. We are going to try what dad did, which is to sit on one side on a readers digest – and hopefully relieve this back pain. Sure hope it helps. Then went to appointment with Brent my tax guy. For some reason he had not included my Oregon taxes. So that was a disappointing shock to deal with. Had lunch one last time at Don Jose’s in honor of Uncle Joe. Every single bite was so delicious. Came back to my van and had a food coma nap. Lol. Tommy and I drove to Pleasanton to Ridgeview Common and met with Erin and did the walk-through the apartment. Then we returned the cable box to Comcast. Then back to the dining room for a delicious dinner. After that to McDonalds for Tommy to tell everyone his dad had died. Had a caramel mocha. I am still so full I am rolling around. The Great news is I walked over 12,000 steps today. Grabbed a great shower at Castro Valley 24-Hour Fitness

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