Be you. The world will adjust.

So Skipper was waiting for two hours for Cheri and Jean to get ready this morning. They were just about ready to walk out the door to leave and drop Jean off at her sister’s Donnis’ house and then Skipper and Cheri were off to spend four days with Tony and Susie.

Last minute, Cheri and Jean were in the bedroom.

Jean tripped over the quilt they are making.

Jean fell.

Jean broke her left shoulder!

Jean is 84.

They called the paramedics, because they couldn’t get her up.

They spent over seven hours in the hospital all day.

They put her in a sling and sent her home with pain medication.

So, I drove with Skipper to El Pollo Loco and we picked up dinner.

Poor Skipper is so upset.

He has so been looking forward to this weekend.

It just seems that someone is always getting hurt.

Think I’ll go tuck myself in, and try and stay healthy.

It’s just that I am so contented right now. I feel so bad for Jean and Skipper and Cheri. I just want to stay healthy and play with all of my little projects. Loving this winter weather. Love being tucked inside, away from – everything. It’s nice having some peace and quiet and calm. Just want to hang out and count my blessings.

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