Believe, and you’ll achieve!

Yes, I Still have this ridiculous cough.  I am taking Mucinex D 12 hour pills, Mucinex cough syrup, Nyquil, and now I have started taking “Clear Lungs”.   Usually the Clear Lungs does help me.  I always forget about it until I get to the point of total frustration.  So today I have started taking it.  Hope this cough Goes Away!  So, I do not want to go to Sunday morning movies until this cough is gone.  No one wants to hear me cough while they are trying to watch a movie.  Especially me!  lol  So, dad and I went shopping at Walmart this morning.  Came home and I made bacon and eggs and we watched TV all day.  I made some caramel Turtle Brownies.  Delicious!  We had a nice day.

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