Believe in your abilities. They are many!

Wow! Do you get tired of me saying another productive day. From 7:00am to 5:00pm. No break. And I got so much accomplished. I feel like I am making progress. My favorite part of the day was having my washer and dryer installed. And it fit! I can close the laundry doors. This is a very tiny, very old 1950 house and the washer and dryer are in a narrow closet in the kitchen. Not ideal. But, I measured and ordered a little bit smaller units and Yes! the doors to the laundry close perfectly. I had the plumber come back over and add an extension for the drain pipe for the washer. So, while I had workers in and and out of my house all day, I got so many projects completed. I feel like I am beginning to see daylight. Aaaaahhhhhh!!! I like that.

Tonight I had Taco Wednesday with Skipper, Cheri and Jean. Finished off with a wonderful moisturizing bubble bath. And blue skies. Perfect day.

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