Believe you can and you’re halfway there!

Dad and I, and Uncle Joe, 90, and Auntie Isabel, 94,  went to Alameda today to Louise Russo’s, 89,  house and had lunch with Louise and her sister Carmela, 96.  Everyone is so positive and bright of mind.  Beautiful, sunny day and we had sandwiches in the beautiful, lush, secluded back yard.  I took pictures with my cell phone – sure hope I can figure out how to get the pictures out of my cell phone and hopefully post them on Facebook and here on my blog and save them with my personal pictures.  We really had a great time.  Hope we can do this again.

My back has been out for a couple of days now.  I was the old lady at the party!  haha  They gave me pillows and that helped a lot.  When we got home I took one of dad’s Norco pain pills.  It did not help my back, but naturally, I was nauceous and headachy.  But, not too bad.  Just rested this evening.

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