Belize Day 2

Long travel day yesterday. Left Portland Airport and had layover at Houston-Bush Airport. Have to show passport at about six different. They are looking for lots of suspicious activity there. Rode the rough water boat for about ninety minutes to get to San Pedro. Then road in the taxi through rough looking streets to our condo. Nice and cool. On the beach with a pier and a swimming pool. Everyone showed up at different times and pretty exhausted and wiped out. At our condo we have LindaRae, Craig, Tammie, Don, Jim, Katie and myself. Last night we walked directly across the street and had a nice dinner. Surprise – I had cheese enchiladas and Margarita!

Also, here for Mike and Jessi’s wedding are Jerry, Elena, Marne, Stacy, Chris and her two children.

Nice easy morning. Then Katie, Tammie and I had a nice stroll along the beach. Even with sunscreen my face tanned pretty fast and I panicked about burning. So the gang are all down at the pool and I am taking a little break. Might even take a little siesta. (Smile). It’s so nice. Even Mike and Jessi came by to swim at the condo with us today. Tonight we are meeting with everyone else for a fun dinner at Caramba Restaurant which is downtown. Had a delicious dinner and lots of fun. Nice, relaxing vacation. Loving it.

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