So excited. Tomorrow night we fly to Belize!!

Won’t be able to post my blog while we are gone for 10 days. May try to write longhand and put it in when we return.

Went to Nautilus this morning. Steam room only. Tried to get the Dish Satellite Receiver in Oregon City, but they said we had to get it from Portland. Finally, I ordered it online from Amazon. We went to Islands Tanning for our Red Light LumiBed. Ran some errands. Had a delicious lunch at Nuevo Vallarta. Had our last stand-up tans at Sun West Tanning. More errands. Back home. Nice hot day. Delicious dinner about 7:30pm. Oh, have I mentioned that I have not started packing yet. I think I am not looking forward to packing. I’ll pack in the morning. tee hee deadlines are a good thing.

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