Belly Blasters

1.  Rev Metabolism – Hot Pepper Jelly – 2 Tbls on scrambled eggs or English muffins

2.  Green Tea – Seep bag 20 minutes

     CLA Supplements – 3400 mg.

3.  Curb Hunger – Acacia Powder on all/any food – with large glass of water

4.  Low-sodium dill pickles or any fermented foods like sauerkraut

5.  Red wine – Reduce stress

6.  Beat the Bloat – Wet Foods – 70% Water  5 g Good Fiber

Breakfast – Lots of water – may add fruit

Lunch – 3 Burritos with beans – Lettuce instead of tortillas

Snacks –  Jicama, celery, 15 nuts – with water, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit

Dinner – Fatoosh salad with cucumber, tomato, beans turkey burger – made from chia seeds, red cabbage, watercress, beets, cilantro

Oat groats – can eat raw – soak

Sunflower seed butter; Tahini

7.  Tighten your core with Belly Blaster Workout

Also, book by Kimberly Snyder, “The Beauty Detox Foods”.

Today dad and I went to Uncle Joe’s and Auntie Isabel’s and then we all had lunch at Jack-in-the-Box.  Then dad and I did some shopping at the Dollar Tree.  Nice day.


Also, book by Kimberly Snyder – “

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