Berkeley Plantation and Shirley Plantation

So much fun visiting both the Berkeley Plantation and the Shirley Plantation and taking the guided tours at each plantation. With LindaRae, Caity, Jim, Katie, Bonnie, Alannah, McGregor, Maegan and Alyssa. The lady at the gift shop said that the best way to keep the sweat from pouring into my eyes is to wear a visor cap. Good suggestion. Could have used this suggestion a month ago, but happy to try it. The Berkeley Plantation had the first Thanksgiving of prayers of thanks. Also, Taps was written here. The first shipping port in Virginia. The Shirley Plantation is the oldest Plantation in Virginia and is still inhabited by the 11th generation of the same family. So many great stories and facts at each Plantation. Ended the day at The Cookout. Fabulous chocolate cherry milkshakes. Another Perfect Day. Love, love, love being with this happy, fun family. Every minute is a joy.

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