Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures.

Generally, a good day, but just all the little moments are driving me crazy. Good news is. Dustin showed up unexpectedly, and installed new heavy duty shocks in washing machine. Said he called, but I did not receive message. Sure enough, I called the office. When I talked to Faye, she acknowledge the phone number was off by one number – but she NEVER corrected the records! Why??????????????? So I talked to Sandra, and she says that she has now corrected the number.

For the third week in a row, they have not exchanged my garbage can lid. So I called, AGAIN, and guess I lost my temper. Which kind of worked out. She says she will have the supervisor come tomorrow and do it personally. (Cross fingers).

My rent check has not arrived, and I am getting no email response to other issues. Sighhhhhhhhhh…….

AND I stepped on a dead cockroach right next to my bed tonight. DEFINITELY not happy. So, I have texted Clark’s, and requested Ruben to come back and spray. We shall see. Just lots of little things.

Oh yeah, and my shelves are due today. Message says they are delayed and will be here by 8:00pm. It is 7:30pm. What are the odds they will arrive (see above) lol

Had Popeye’s with Cheri tonight. Skipper drove her two aunts to the airport in Los Angeles. He first drove to Yucaipa and picked them up. Long day. He was just leaving the airport at 5:00pm. So, can’t say I really got anything done today, but one day at a time.

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