Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places.

I had Valarie’s Housekeeping clean both units, and Valarie knows some handymen. First Valarie has Shiela call you, and then Shiela brings over the two handymen. So, the three of them came this morning and I showed them all of the work that I need done. Short story, most of the work that has been done, has to be done over, because it all has been done so badly. Makes me crazy, but I just need to keep trying until things are done correctly. The walls, the doors, the ceilings, the bathrooms, and so much, much more. Probably xanax time – just need to take the edge off, bite the bullet, and move forward. It is hard being alone and not knowing a damn thing. But, I still move forward, as best I can, that is for sure. I’ve pretty much eaten an entire stick of salami and a bag of missile pops. Tomorrow, I am going back on the Potato Hack. Did several loads of laundry. Just putting one foot in front of the other. I am so tired of doing the same projects over and over and over, but getting someone who knows what they are doing, has really been a challenge. And there is no way for me to know, until after they after finished. But the weather is hot and gorgeous and my air conditioning is working great, and I am tucked away into my peaceful little corner, so I am happy. Believe me, this is just a little slice of life. Not the biggest deal in the whole world. Frustrating, but I am sure others have had to deal with this nonsense also. The one thing we are guaranteed is that life is not perfect. lol Never was, never will be. So, these curve balls come, these curve balls go. If these guys don’t get it right…. hey! don’t even go there! lol Everything works out in the end. And some day, I hope to take a little trip, and get back to the simple life.

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