Bug Bite Magic

Did you know that white bar soap like Ivory can help relieve bug bites?  Just rub the dry bar onto the bite and the itch will go away almost immediately.

This morning we took dad to the dentist for his six-month teeth cleaning.  We also went over to San Leandro hospital to visit Frank Mendes, but I guess he is doing really badly and Bev would not let us come in to visit.  We went to Home Depot and bought an extender pull chain for the light over the sink, because dad cannot reach it anymore.  Then we went over to National Street off Clawiter to Bell Plastics where they have resurrected “Big Mike” who use to stand on Mission Blvd. for years.  “Big Mike” is a 22 foot tall fiberglass statue.  Very Impressive! 

Oh Yeah!  My favorite part of today!  For 45 minutes, while dad was getting his teeth cleaned, I walked and ran barefoot around the neighboring streets.  That really gets my Happiness genes moving.  Total Bliss.  This afternoon, I ran around and got a few things done.  First time I have started feeling better in two months.  We even had some nice sunshine. 

Today is Bill Macks 72nd birthday.

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