Bye Bye Belize

This is our last day in Belize. Sure going to miss it. Love the warm weather and the warm people. Had a wonderful time here. Went outside for about ninety minutes this morning and watched the sun come up. So warm and beautiful. Love the warm winds. We had breakfast at Fantasy Dining and took a nice walk and then back to the beach to enjoy the sun for an hour. Now packing and will be taxied to the puddle jumper airport to the Belize Airport. Then two hours to the Houston Airport for customs and a two-hour layover and another two-hour flight to Denver, where we will lay-over for nine and a half hours.

Flying by plane is really not fun. I am way too large for their seats and the seats are not comfortable. Going through customs at these large airports is a big pain and I do not enjoy it. Be glad to be finished with airports and planes for now.

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