Call me crazy but I like to see other people happy and thriving.

Surprise! About 3:00pm handyman Chuck showed up at the front door.

“Oh, I thought I sent you a text.
I babysat my one-month old baby daughter all week in Victorville.”

Uh, yuh, shur u did.

So, off to Home Depot we went again. He did a little work, and suddenly had to go pick up his prescription. “I’ll be back tomorrow.” lol it never ends.

Although, we DID pick up a For Rent sign and posted it outside.

I really need to get that back unit rented. Can’t really rely on property management to be too proactive. Across the street, they put up a LARGE banner last week. The banner is already gone, so I would believe it has been rented. Decided to just go ahead and do what I could over here on my own.

Tonight, had a delicious spaghetti dinner with Skipper and Cheri. Cheri was trying so hard to finish a quilt for her co-worker for the going away party tomorrow. Looks like she is a couple hours short of finishing. She has really worked hard trying to beat-the-clock. But, she said, that this always happens. So, it will all work out.

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