Carnations are my favorite flower.

Wow, the wind has arrived today. Must be getting close to March. March winds.

Ran over to the Health Food shop this morning.

Next door is the flower shop. They had a sign up for a special on a dozen carnations.

LOVE Carnations!

They are beautiful. Smell scrumptious. Last a long, long time.

Impulse buy.

Ran in and bought a dozen carnations.

I chose all different ones.

It is so difficult to choose because I love them all.

Although, now that I have them home, I notice the pink ones really have my full attention.

Nice to know. lol

Keep smelling them.

So fragrant.

At one point, the vase fell over and the water drenched my carpet.

Yep, washed every single towel.

Apparently, I had too much water in the vase and then put the vase on a shaky chair.

Now the flowers are on a nice sturdy table, up higher, where I can really enjoy them.

Took care of lots of business early this morning. Lots more to do.

Hopefully, I will continue to feel ambitious come tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I am obsessed with learning about essential oils.

Especially within Young Living, as they have 500 products for every area of life.

Health, home, on and on.

And the science just fascinates me.

I do know, that they are really making me happy in so many ways.

Watching tons of videos of every one else’s experiences.

It is endless.

In a good way.

Treated myself and had tacos for lunch at Plata’s.

Today is National Margarita Day.

Was going to run over and order a frozen Margarita to celebrate, but this afternoon was so cold and windy

– Yep!

I jumped into the bubble bath! lol

You know I love it!

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