Carousel Museum & Guided Tour

Went to Thompson’s Flour Mill. Oregon Heritage a Site guided tour. Then to the Carousel Museum & Studio-Guided Tour with refreshments. Then over to the Carousel Mechanism Guided Tour and sat on the carousel. Didn’t quite make the Monteith Historic House guided tour. Had spaghetti dinner at the Moose Lodge. Didn’t stay for music and dancing tonight. Every day is full like this, but I have a written schedule in front of me. Usually I can’t remember because we do so much every single day. Plus all of the fun special moments each day. Just really enjoying each day. Can’t believe I am finally getting to do all of these things with so many great people.

Have not had my extra solar added. Some situation with sizing. May or May not be able to add more solar. Will hopefully figure it all out next week. Have started wearing my Fitbit bracelet again. Loving it. Have been walking my 10,000 steps a day. Showed I was restless 306 minutes of 8 hours sleeping. Yikes. No wondef I wake up tired. Severe sleep apnea is a bit intrusive on my rest. Perhaps if I lose some weight it may help. Sure hope so.

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