Happiness can exist only in acceptance.

Went to the movies and saw Annie. Ran my generator for two hours today and listened to the Carol Leifer Audible book. Just feeling tired so getting lots of rest. Seem to get my best energy spurts middle of the night. I found a third Walmart here in Yuma and staying here tonight. Still have several movies I want to see. Seems like all the movies come out in December.

Happiness happens when you let it.

Yesterday went to movies and saw Horrible Bosses 2 with Jason Bateman. Feeling much better today. Went to the movies today and saw The Theory of Everything about Stephen Hawkings and Wild with Reese Witherspoon. Staying at a different Walmart in Yuma tonight. Met Warren Brokaw, age 82. He is driving a Roadtrek RS and used to be a WINs. Really nice. The WINs are coming into Yuma tomorrow, but I am afraid if I go see them, I won’t want to leave. I really want to be back on the road with the WINs again. I have so much fun with them.

Yuma, Arizona

Went to the movies in Apple Valley yesterday and saw White Christmas with Bing Crosby. Then drove to Yuma, Arizona. Spent the night in a rest area this morning went to movies in Yuma and saw Horriblr Bosses 2. Must have been the butter flavor, got so sick. Hopefully, spending the night at Walmart. Didn’t realize I am so close to the Mexican border. Hard to find English speaking. Pretty dirty here. Glad I came, but will be happier to leave. Just want some warmer weather. May head to Anaheim in a couple of days. Not sure.

Skip’s colonoscopy.

Yep. Poor Skipper has Crohn’s. So yesterday we drove to Victorville and filled out the paperwork. This morning we are driving back for the colonoscopy. The stuff they gave him to drink is really, really awful tasting. We went grocery shopping. So one day at a time. I really feel like getting on with things. We just seem to keep getting pulled back in and not moving forward. I really feel like moving forward. One day at a time. Next week is Christmas.

Kat graduates from Lubbock Christian University.

Today we attended Kat’s graduation at Lubbock Christian University. She received her Bachelor of Science degree. She was so beautiful. She spent the rest of the day with Devin and family. We all went to O’Hana’s for Japanese lunch. Lots of fire show and fun. Then Skipper, Cinnamon and I went to the movies and saw the new Chris Rock movie. That was a bad movie. But fun with Skipper and Cinnamon.

Buddy Holly Center

Skipper and I had breakfast at Denny’s for the third time this week. And then we spent the whole day at the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, Texas. We really enjoyed it. At 1:00pm we had the tour which was included of the house right next door. We had the tour led by Valerie, all to ourselves. I Love That! It was his band member’s family home that they had written several songs in when they were teenagers. Buddy died at the age of 22. He had been married for six months. At the house, we heard a five minute telephone call between Buddy and the President of Decca records. Decca had dropped Buddy and would not allow Buddy to use any of the songs he had recorded while with them. It was really fascinating. We stopped back at Best Buy Mobile on the way home. The wireless earbuds I had bought the other day. Turns out the are very different and I was not wearing them correctly. Hopefully, I have it figured it out now. We came home and ate “way too much delicious deli meats”. Prosciutto, hot copa, mortadella and a fourth one. I took a shower and a three hour food coma nap. lol Now it is 9:00pm and I am wide awake! What a fun day. I am so happy I finally got to see the Buddy Holly Center. We really enjoyed it.

Updated Mac to Yosemite.

Yep. Best Buy told me they had uploaded my new Macbook Pro with Yosemite, but as I have been suspecting – they did not. Have been on the telephone with Apple all morning, but looks like I now have Yosemite and solved a couple more issues. Have a couple more to go, but I have run out of steam. lol Just happy we are making progress.

Kat and her friend Afton took Skipper and I out to lunch to the Mongolian Grill for lunch. Lots of fun.

JBL Synchros Reflect BT wireless earbuds

Yes, today at Best Buy I bought the JBL Synchros Reflect BT wireless earbuds. I am charging them now. This morning Skipper, Cinnamon and I had breakfast at Denny’s. Then we went to the Market Place and bought lots of deli meats. Prociutto, hot copa, mortadella, etc. and great sour dough bread. Then we headed over the the mall. Super mall. Has every store. Cinnamon lives close to every store. Perfect location. Came home later and watched lots of comedy videos. Really fun day.

The road to success is always under construction.

Definitely feeling better today. Skipper and I went out and ran errands all day long. We went everywhere. We laughed all day long. Mostly because we want to talk to people about LifeVantage, and yet we never talked to a single person. The stories are long, but we are off to a rough start. lol Are we ever going to figure out what to say. It seems so easy. We talk about it to each other, and yet can’t find a comfortable way to talk to others. One day at a time. No matter what happens, it has been a lot of fun. Really enjoying our time together.