If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree!

Tough night with the back. Going to see my chiropractor, Dr. Hightower this afternoon. Copying Tommy’s CDs now. Went to Dublin this morning and had my propane filled. Drove from Castro Valley back to Dublin and went to AAA and had a beautiful lunch with Deaunn and Jean. Now back in Hayward for my appointment. Back in Castro Valley recording tapes. Tom and I went to Hayward to drop off Saaly’s cigarettes. Back to Castro Valley McDonalds for a couple hours. Then at midnight I came back to Pleasanton and went swimming fr an hour and then jacuzzi.

Be open and sincere.

Got up early rhis Sunday morning and did four loads of laundry. Had the whole laundromat to myself about half the time. Love that. Get so much more accomplished. Had a nice lunch at Taqueria. Loading more of Tommy’s CDs onto my iTunes. Going to the afternoon movie and seeing The movie GiGi. – Loved the movie GiGi. Tommy and I went to Rasputin’s and had dinner at Shari’s. And then went to his trailer and chose lots more CDs to download. Went to 24 Hour Fitness. Went swimming for half an hour, when nine again women showed up to the pool. Each grabbed two noodles, and then stood in n the pool and giggled. Very cute. Then they showed them how to grab the sides and kick. So I went to the jacuzzi. The left side of my back has been out all week and spasming. I really need to call the chiropractor in the morning.

Enjoy the simple pleasures in your life. And never take them for granted.

Tommy and I had dinner and did lots of running around for about four hours last night. Late last night I drove to 24 Hour Fitness Pleasanton.

I have been every where in Pleasanton and Hayward today. I am now copy all of the Beatles CDs in Tommy’s collection. Loving it. Putting them all on iTunes. And I can also listen to them on my iPhone and iPad. Fantastic!

A simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple.

I am writing this from my laptop in Shari’s restaurant waiting for Tommy. I created iTunes Match today and downloaded lots of my CDs that I can now listen to on all my computer, iPad, and iPhone. Tommy is bringing his two mega collections of Beatles that I am going to download. Whoo Hoo! I think I will go back and download all of my personal CDs, including my Barbra Streisand collection so that I do not have to tote CDs everywhere. This is so cool.

Time heals almost everything. Sometimes all you need is time.

Eat. Eat. Eat. I am miserably full. Got up at 2:00am. Met Tommy at Shari’s for breakfast at 3:00am. Went to Tom’s at 6:00 and Pleasanton at 7:00. Waited for the movers until 11:00. When they finally got there they were really fast and they had Uncle Joe’s apartment empty by 12:15. We went to the office and did paperwork. Took both cars and the rest of Tommy”s stuff back to his place. Back to Shari’s for lunch. Then to the book store and Rasputins. We both bought more CD’s. Then to Mountain Mike’s for pizza. I rolled back into the van. Why did we eat so much? I don’t like to feel like this. But otherwise we really had a good day.

Keep your life simple. Sometimes less is more.

7:00am had breakfast at Shari’s restaurant with Tommy. Went to his trailer, then Rasputin’s and we both got a few CD’s. Then to DMV. Too crowded. Went to AAA and easily got paperwork to sell his car. We had lunch at Popeye’s chicken. Went to jewelry store. Back to his place. Called Louise Russo. Talked to Bill Mack. Went to Uncle Joe’s apartment. Loaded car with a lot of Tommy’s things. We had a nice dinner back at Shari’s. 11:00pm I went to 24 Hour Fitness Castro Valley and had a nice hot shower. Fun, full day.

Always work on improving yourself.

Zombie tired until about 1:00pm today. Went to the Apple Store and got new case for my iPad mini. Love it. Ate at Vitality Bowl. Delicious. Tom and I went to the apartment and gave 30-day notice for Uncle Joe. Then we ran around until 10:00pm. Rasputins, his place, Rasputins, Walgreens, Safeway, Lucky’s, dinner at Don Jose’s, Rite Aid, his place, Rite Aid again, Safeway. Silly. But lots of fun.

Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. And never take them for granted.

This morning went swimming again for two hours. And jacuzzi. Had breakfast again at Denny’s. Took a nap. Tom and I went to Tina’s Donuts for donuts and coffee and told Tina and family about his passing. Darling daughter showed us picture she had taken on her cell phone of Uncle Joe and Auntie Isabel at donut shop because they are so cute together. Then Debbie, Deaunn and Jean met us and we cleaned up the apartment for Tom and the movers. Not a fun project. We did good though and completed the job. Then Tom and I had a really enjoyable dinner at Shari’s Restaurant. A nice ending to a rough day.

Be honest, be kind, believe in yourself.

Was wide awake at 3:00am. Went to 24-hour Fitness and went swimming for two hours and then enjoyed the jacuzzi. Had a wonderful breakfast at Denny’s. Then went back to bed and slept for three hours. Went to Costco. This afternoon joined the family and watched Mason’s baseball game. Great little pitcher. I think he is eight. Then we all went to Kim’s for dinner and had a nice evening.