You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

This morning I signed up with the Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness. They have 900 locations that I can use. After my tour and I took a shower, used the Massage Chair; Hydromassage table; The Total Body Enhancement Red Light Therapy Booth. I noticed there is a lot of large equipment there too I wonder what that is for. Tee hee. Then on to an afternoon movie – St. Vincent with Bill Murray. Seems like the days pass so quickly.

Appreciation can make a day. Even change a life.

Dark clouds, wind and rain. I do not like this.
Today I went to the movies and saw Black or White with Kevin Costner. This morning I cut the reflectix to fit all of the windows for insulation. But I have no where to store it, so will have to let them go. I have been having a serious issue with low energy. Sure hope it’s just the weather. Except for Australia, I wonder where else it is summer right now. I should find out for next year. Though, I think I will spend next winter in Florida.

Today would have been Dad’s 90th birthday. I always thought we would have a Big Celebration.

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Left Mexico about 4:30pm last night. Edgar escorted me to the highway. Got back to Arizona just as it got dark. Spent the night in the Visitor Center parking lot. I was the only car there. Pretty isolated. About 4:00am I got up and drove to Tucson. Went to the laundromat and washed rugs, clothes and sheets. Found the main post office and then went grocery shopping at Fry’s. Went shopping at Lowe’s and then drove to the casino and found where the WINs are. Then straight to the movies and saw Birdman with Michael Keaton and Emma Stone. Nice cozy evening in my van listening to a Special on Sirius Radio with a Live Performance with 60’s British groups like the Hollies and Chad and Jeremy.

Back in Arizona

Back in Arizona. Not really enjoying Mexico this trip. Our group was planning golfing, deep sea fishing, and many activities I just was not interested in. Also, all night long we are surrounded by extremely loud music and there is no escaping it. So that was a quick trip. Think I may head to Tucson and catch up with the WINs there.

Do more of the things that give you pleasure.

Not sure I will be able to update my blog while I am in Mexico. We are leaving in the morning. They say we will have free wifi in the office. So, maybe I can take my iPad in their. I really would like to because even though I don’t say much on my blog, I like to try and keep a small record of some of the things I do each day. Today I actually used my stove – Twice! Boiled hot dogs. Thinking of getting a 2 quart Dutch oven to make soups, stew, beans, rice etc. I am a little nervous about going to Mexico. One guy who just came back, had Montezuma’s Revenge for two weeks. Another guy said if you wanted to come back early, he wouldn’t come back alone. There are 22 of us, in 22 RVs caravanning tomorrow. This will be a memorable experience.

Be honest, humble, polite and kind.

Getting pretty excited about traveling to Mexico. Jesus came this afternoon and signed each of us up with Mexico insurance for driving in Mexico. Also, another meeting discussing more details. This evening we had a fun “burn your own” pot luck dinner with the WINs. Always one of my favorite activities. Each day here is just gorgeous. Makes you happy whatever you are doing.