JohnsonRV Sandy, Oregon 8 Hours Today

We left at 7:00am this morning, drove to Sandy and had donuts. Arrived at JohnsonRV at 8:15am and started our walk-through for my new 2013 Class B Roadtrek 170. Turns out no one had prepped it and it had been sitting on the lot for two weeks untouched. After getting lots of minor things attended to, they could not find the second set of keys and we had to wait to have the whole van transported to the Ford Dealer to make duplicate keys and fob. We did go next store and had a great lunch at Calamity Janes and then to the camper store next door. Finally, at 4:00pm we had the van and were off! But, the latch to the shower closet door is not working properly and slammed during the whole trip. Went to Islands Tanning for Red Light and then to Sun West Tanning for tanning. Did not get home until 7:00pm. Very excited about the van, but very exhausted.

LifeVantage Protandim Day 22

Went to Nautilus this morning for water aerobics and laps. Then to Islands Tanning for One Hour Body Melt and fifteen minute Red Light rejuvinating. Over to the bank and then to Nails 2000 for pedicure. Had nails painted blue with a pretty flower and a crystal in the middle! Ended with Sun West Tanning for Tanning. lol Came home and had turkey sandwiches. Tough day, but someone has to do it. lol

Easter Sunday

Everyone came to the house today for Easter Sunday and dinner. Craig, LindaRae, Jim, Katie, Bonnie, Alannah, McGregor, Maegen, Alyssa, and the dogs Bjorn and Oakley. Great dinner and fun day. Beautiful weather. Also, signed up with Covered Oregon for Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance. Only $201 a month. So Happy!

LifeVantage Protandim Day 20

Went to Sun West Tanning and had our BodyWraps. Very warm and relaxing. Hopefully, body melting. lol
Then off to the liquor store. In Oregon, they only sell hard liquor at the liquor store. Canby, Oregon – Total = One Liquor Store. Then to a delicious lunch at the Wild Hare at the other end of town. Finally, lots of grocery shopping at Frey Meyer for tomorrow’s Easter Sunday here at the house. We also booked our hotel room for our two extra days in Belize at Caye Caulker. Very Exciting!

Fit Body Wrap Islands Tanning

Went to Nautilus this morning for steam sauna, water aerobics, jacuzzi. While we were at the Islands Tanning Salon in Oregon City for our Infrared Treatments, we also signed up for their Fit Body Wrap. lol Yes, call us crazy. We are having so much fun getting prepared for our trip to Belize. Of course, we had lunch at Baskin Robbins with our two-scoop sundaes. Then we headed back over to Sun West for our regular tanning session. Oh yeah – and the sun is Shining!

The Fit Body Wrap – Effortless Weight Loss. Just Relax and Watch the Inches Melt Away! FIT Bodywrap introduces a revolutionary, dual action system that is changing doctor’s views on weight loss! Lose weight, tones muscles without wear and tear on your joints and body. Scientifically shown to burn more calories in 60 minutes than running a marathon. Used in tandem with FIT Booster Spray, Infrared heat’s impact on weight loss and overall health has astounded doctor’s and scientists around the world. Provides greater results than high-impact cardiovascular exercise. Being used to treat everything from muscle spasms and joint stiffness to cancer, ear, nose and throat conditions and even Rheumatoid Arthritis. Burn 1000′s of calories per session. Provide superior cardiovascular benefits to running a marathon without the joint deterioration. Increases blood flow up to 13 quarts/minute. A session simulates the consumption of energy equal to that expended in a six to nine mile run.

LifeVantage Protandim Day 17

Went to Nautilus this morning. Machines, steam sauna, water aerobics,laps. Then to Sun West Tanning. Went into the large, stand-up tanning booth for five minutes for a deeper, richer tan. Have six sessions planned. Regular tanning booth tans the top layer of skin. This booth goes deeper into the layers and provides a deeper, richer, longer-lasting tan. Brought Subway sandwiches home along with our two free cookies. Tonight we all had mushroom raviolis for dinner.

LFVN LifeVantage $1.41 NASDAQ

Went to Nautilus this morning and did machines, water aerobics, laps and steam sauna. Oh, and the Best News at the gym. The scale says I weight 175 pounds. Yea!! I have lost another five pounds. Finally! So Happy! We had our first InfraRed Body Wrap and signed up their calendar for every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for the next month – including the day that we are flying to Belize! You get nice and toasty and all wrapped up. Very relaxing. Received all of our JuicePlus vitamins and chocolate drink today. I am returning all of them. Six large capsules every day and fuss with pouch and powder. Would rather just take the Protandim and Special K Milk Chocolate Protein drink. Yes, my secret is out. I am waaayyyyy too lazy to fuss with too many products.

Ran to the post office, gas station, Fred Meyers, did laundry. Finally, after 7:00pm went to Wranglers for Taco Tuesday and Trivia. Tied and won trivia all night. Great music.

LifeVantage Protandim Day 15

Went to Nautilus this morning and did machines, steam room, and laps. Went to SunWest Tanning and had our tanning session and signed up for a month of InfraRed Bod Wrap Systems – Targeted Infrared Heat Therapy. It is the Body Shaping, Skin Rejuvenation and Pain Relief Marvel Used Worldwide! Penetrating Full Body Infrared Heat. Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap can assist with the following conditions: Eliminates harmful and unsightly toxins. Improves skin conditions. Boosts immune response. Shoulder pain and stiffness. Whiplash. Backache. Arthritis. Muscle spasms. Weight control. Caloric Burning Equivalents Per 60-Minute Session are: Formostar InfraRed Body Wrap 1200 Calories.

We brought Subway sandwiches home for lunch. Craig brought home Panda Express Chinese for dinner. And did laundry tonight. Talked to Skipper and Cheri. Told Skipper that LindaRae and I are taking one Protandim in the morning and another in the evening. Skipper said that he is also giving Cheri two Protandim each day. And where, one Protandim will heal 16 million cells and DNA – two tablets a day will exponentially double that number of cells being healed. Sure hope so. We have lots we want to heal – FAST! lol We are going to stick with it. Skipper said it really works best at “preventing” problems – but, I have seen MANY testimonials that say it has cleared up problems they already have. Tony and Susan have started taking it and so has Cheri’s mom. And so has Cinnamon. So, over time we should learn a lot about the results. My epiretinal membrane on my left eye is said to be a scar, possibly caused by diabetes or aging – both that are caused by oxidative stress. So, I am Very Hopeful that my eye may clear up using Protandim. How long it will take, I am not sure. I read on the computer, that sometimes it clears up on its own – so I am very Hopeful.