Right here, right now, you can make a difference

Sunday I took eight hours to drive back to Canby and saw three movies. Lucy, animated film Planes, and a movie with Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton.

Monday LindaRae and I had lunch at Nuevo Vallarta. Hot day today. We went to Costco, Fry’s, and to Oregon a City to the movies and saw a comedy with Cameron Diaz and Jason Siegel. Tonight when Craig got home we all had dinner at the Wrangler. Full Day.

Whidbey Island, and Deception Pass, Washington

Talked to Verizon Wireless this morning and got my Hotspot set up for my iPad. Hopefully, it will make blogging easier. Today Donna, Ellen, the two small dogs, Lucy and Boo, and I are taking Ellen’s car on the Ferry to Whidbey Island. Think it is about a twenty minute ride.

Hot spot not really working. Great day at the Island. Got back about 7:00pm and watched The Main Event DVD With Barbra Streisand in my computer. Nice and relaxing.

Port Townsend Historic Homes

Internet connection very slow here. Now I am in Ellen’s RV. A little better. We spent all day with Donna, driving with a map, looking at all the famous homes. There are only three Victorian seaports and this is the only one on the west coast. We bought live shrimp and crabs at the seaport and are cooking them for dinner. We had the most fun day yesterday, but I have already forgotten what we did. Really need an internet connection so I can write my blog. You must come and experience this town. I could write nonstop for days. You must experience it. You must cover every inch. It never stops with all the fascinating facets. Art, culture, boats, boats, boats, Victorian, environmental, that’s just the beginning.

Had such a great evening and dinner with Diane, Margaret, Ellen and I. Lots of laughs, great food. I can’t believe how much fun I am having.

Port Townsend, Washington

Travel Day to Port Townsend, Washington. I am going to follow Ellen again. Hopefully, we will be leaving about 8:00am. I unhooked my water and electricity last night while the sun was shining. Might be raining again this morning by the time we are leaving. First Day, Circle is always at 4:00pm.
As Co-Coordinators, we are planning ice cream sundaes for tonight. Should be fun.

Gig Harbor, Washington

Last full day in beautiful Gig Harbor. 7:00am pancakes and bacon. 8:00am Hugs and Mugs. Ellen and I took the dogs to the groomers this morning. Had lunch at Kelly’s Cafe and Espresso. Sure enjoying their Carmel Machiatta’s. Picked the dogs up. Accidentally ended up on the $5.50 bridge to Tacoma AGAIN! So stopped in Bank of America and got $5.00 of dimes. Came back. Toured all over Gig Harbor. Love this town. Circle at 4:00pm. Everyone else went clamming today. It rained all day. Had big feast – clams, oysters, lots of fish, plus pot luck. Sun finally came out. Played Pegs and Jokers. Pretty much broke camp. About half already left. Walked dogs. Just too happy and loving it all.

Tacoma, Washington and Fox Island

7:00am pancakes and bacon. 8:00am Hugs and Mugs. Ellen and I had a full, fun day. Drove everywhere in Tacoma. Including Camping World. Her Onstar is acting up and we got lost everywhere. Laughed and got lost all day long. Found ourselves at The Home of Almond Rocha, where it is made for the whole world. We screeched to a u-turn and went crazy! Found the greatest laundromat and did our laundry. Had dinner at a fabulous Noodle House. Got back to our Gig Harbor location and the sun was shining so bright, we jumped back into the car and went to Fire Island. Drove everywhere. Yes, lush, green, gorgeous. Found the fishing pier and walked the tiny puppies, Lucy and Boo. Could not ask for a better day than this.

Mount Rainier, Washington

Was up from 1:00am to 4:00am. 7:00am pancakes and BACON, yea! 8:00am four full cars drove to Mount Rainier, 87 miles from here, about a two hour drive. Perfect, clear, blue sky day. Gorgeous mountain. Watched the films, hiked around and saw fantastic water falls. Picnic lunch. I’ve been bringing Special K protein drink, pretzels, and two bottles of water. Perfect. It is so much fun to be living in the world of Yes, and no longer in the world of no. We stopped so many times, and saw everything. Including Dan Kleppners yard of sculpture. And the caboose trains which are hotel rooms, restaurants, etc. tonight we played Pegs and Jokers and won both games. Today, learned how to see myself taking a selfie and how to post pictures on Facebook. But apparently, I took all of my. Pictures in sepia. Oops….. Learning curve. Lol

Point Defiance Park, Washington

7:00am pancakes and last of the bacon (not-so-quiet sob). 8:00am Hugs and Mugs. 10:00am heading to Point Defiance Park, which includes 600 acres unlogged, natural lands, zoo, aquarium. Today my friend Rob Johnstone, who has been living in Minnesota with his wife Shiela Carpenter, passed away at the age of 61. Gone too soon. Have known Robbie since kindergarten. We went to Santa Barbara together when I was 18 and he was 17. A couple of years later we went to Pensacola, Florida together. A few years later we went to Barbra Streisand’s house together. We did private security and private investigative work together. We did so many things together. Rest in Peace Good Friend. See you on the Other Side. Enjoy!

Sure enjoyed Point Defiance Park. Puffin fish, polar bear, tiger, gorgeous trees. Great hike. Picnic lunch. Hey! I can take off my jeans without unbuttoning them! I’m a happy girl!

Ellen made us a delicious dinner in her RV tonight. Chicken and a salad. Missed her not being with us today. Tonight I learned how to play Pegs and Jokers. A lot of thinking and strategy. Not too sure I want to think that hard. Lol

Poulsbo, Washington

Yesterday we had so much fun in Historic, Downtown Poulsbo, Washington. Today, 7:00 am pancakes and bacon, 8:00am Hugs and Mugs. Took off and went everywhere. Literally, did not get back until exactly 5:00pm for Circle. This state is so green and beautiful. Today was a Free Day. Ellen and I are exhausted. Lol. We are also helping coordinate for our next stop, next week in Port Townsend. We got a lot accomplished today. Finally had our meal at 4:00pm. Panera. Fresh and delicious. Also went to Bremerton. We to a farmers market.