Change begins with choice.

Such a nice morning. Went swimming for about an hour at 24-Hour Fitness. The water was nice and warm and it was nice and quiet. Then enjoyed the jacuzzi and finally a good shower. It has been so long since I have been swimming. I really loved it. Came back to my van and had a little lunch and – Finally – did a little Tapping – EFT. Definitely, want to start making this a daily thing. Tapping every day. I especially enjoy Tapping along to videos, so need to start finding locations that I can use wifi in the parking lots in my van. Perhaps, McDonald’s, Lowes, Walmarts. It is still a little tricky, but I will figure it out, because videos take up a lot of data if I don’t find free cool. wifi. Now I am going to the movies and see Grease with John Travolta. There is a 2:00pm and 7:00pm showing. I am actually thinking of going twice today. I Love Grease!

Grease was great. It was the original version. Haven’t seen the original in years. Had a nice dinner. Tonight I finally used my external DVD drive with my MacBook Pro. Watched D.L. Hughley and then Medea. We are starting another little heat wave. It will be 100 degrees the next couple of days. Need to figure out how to stay cool.

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