Change is easier than you think.

Wow – tough day.  Between serious grieving over missing Luigi, and being so sick, plus getting a great bout with serious irritable bowel, probably from being so overly emotional.  Tough Day.    Also, tough, emotional day for dad missing Luigi.  Thankfully, dad had a super special night tonight.  Gary, Gordon, Kenny and Bobby took dad and Uncle Joe to the Columbo Club in Oakland for dinner and music.  And cousin Angelo sat at the table with them.  Tommy picked dad up and brought him home.  Dad had a wonderful time.  Perfect night to get out and have lots of fun with the family.  Tomorrow is definitely going to be easier.  We love Luigi SO MUCH – but, I am allergic and that is just a fact.  Sometimes Life offers you hard decisions, and this one was a hard one for us, but it is the right one.  I am really looking forward to getting healthy again.

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