Skip called today.  Saturday, at 1:30pm, they were in a car accident in Pecos, TX.  Bad, icy roads.  Car and truck slid off road, man walking back to his car, right in front of Skipper.  Skipper turned to miss the man, and hit the back of the man’s car.  Cheri was in her seat belt, with the seat laid back down, resting.  Totalled their car.  Cheri was helicoptered from the Pecos hospital to the Medical Center Hospital in Odessa, TX.  She is going to have surgery there in the morning.  Cheri has one broken arm, one broken ankle, and two broken knee caps.  Skipper and Jean, Cheri’s mom, are okay.  Skipper is  going to get Jean and the dog, Cleo, back to Fort Worth, TX.  Skipper and Cheri are going to spend six to twelve weeks in Anaheim with Tony and Susan recuperating.

Nadine (in her 80’s) called this morning asking about Line Dancing tonight.  There is no Line Dancing tonight.  She forgot. lol

Dad and I spent two hours at the dining table at the clubhouse this morning.  Lots of fun.  We were supposed to have lunch with Eleanor (87).  She forgot.  lol  She had went to her doctors appointment.  About 2:00pm, dad and I went to the Rose Garden, for Chinese dinner.  Then we went to the Dollar Store.

Talked to Uncle Joe tonight.  Apparently, his rent check was lost, and he had to place a hold on the check, and get a certified check to pay his rent.  Not really clear on what happened. lol  He also went grocery shopping and bought over $200 of groceries – for himself.  Can’t wait to see what he bought.

So happy to be able to come to my room this evening – and relax.


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