Choose happiness!

Back to lots of organization. Lots of packages came in today that needed tending. Rudy said all day that he was coming tonight to work on the kitchen. Then at 6:00 he said he was sick and had to go home and go to bed. Turns out that time turned out super productive for me and I got triple the things done.

Also, lots of great things happened on the business end. One of my favorite things is that an offer was made on one of my pieces of land and I made a handy profit. That was pretty exciting. Actually, several business exciting things happened today. It definitely kept me running. I have ordered a desk and chair for my office and more drawers for organizing. My (unassembled) pantry arrived today. I am going to try and assemble it – very heavy. Probably will have Skipper come and help me. Hopefully, the plumber will arrive tomorrow. Scheduled for a seven-hour project. Also, my Nutri-system arrived today. Though, I was hoping to have the pantry assembled to keep it organized in before I started. Will play this one by ear. Storage is my big priority right now.

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