Virginia Beach, Virginia

Boy, I think our three week visit is just about perfect. There are two adorable kittens – Mr. Jinks and Pixie – that I have been cuddling and playing and loving for three weeks – and my chronic bronchitis – deep chest cough – is creeping back in. Getting a little deeper, a little more painful, each day. Allergies to cats. Leaving tomorrow morning. I love, love, love snuggling with these kittens. But I am getting scared because I hate feeling this pain in my chest. One more day. I will be okay.

Nan and her dog Addie, came over from across the street, and we visited and said goodbye this morning. While Caity went to work and Don, John and Steve went golfing – Tammie, LindaRae, Traci and I drove to Virginia Beach and played in the water in the Atlantic Ocean for my very first time. The sand was super hot and the water was nicely warm. Now Definitely ready for more Beach Time! Think after Hershey, Pennsylvania, I will drive up the eastern coast through the New England States and possibly into Nova Scotia. We stopped at a nice fish restaurant for a fun lunch. Then we went to the mall and visited Caity at work. Dropped LindaRae off at the Norfolk Airport as she is flying back to Oregon tonight. I am leaving early tomorrow morning.

Uh oh. I weighed myself this morning. I am back up to 188. Ouch! Have to get serious now and figure out how to do lots of walking and swimming. I am on a Mission! Smile.

uh oh. we are ordering Marco’s pizza to be delivered to the house. Don, Tammie, John, Traci and I are going to watch Eddie Murphy’s 1983 Stand Up Special “Delirious”. I am so full – but you know I am going to eat pizza!

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