Colorado Belle Hotel

Blog March 2016

Friday March 18, 2016

Got up early and completed lots of projects.
At noon, picked up Peggy and I drove us to Laughlin in Skipper’s Ford Taurus. We arrived at 4:00pm.
Registered at the Colorado Belle. We are here for three nights. They want $30 for Wifi internet for three days. So I am writing my blog on my Microsoft Word and I’ll transfer it when I get home Monday. The hotel looks like a large river boat. What a beautiful view of the mountains. Got up to our room and had our bags brought up.
I got a Player’s Card and won a casino hat.
We had a bite to eat. Peggy is playing slots. I am up in the room, just ready to enjoy a rest. Loving it.

Good News. I am able to use my iPhone hot spot. Thank you iPhone!

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