Computer Virus Attack

We shall see what happens next.  First, there is a vicious computer virus attack.  My McAfee is supposed to still be valid for more than one more month.  After going round and round, we are offered to purchase an anti-virus attack program.  The only thing that I can run at this point is my McAfee which keeps declaring everything is fine, no problems.  So, finally out of desperation, I agree to pay $69 for this “no-name” anti-virus.  Then, it says I must have the Shield, another $79.  I am so frustrated because I am under attack and nothing else works.  I pony up the money, just to see how big a sucker I can be.  My computer is now working, BUT…. the receipts in my email are all no-name.  And audio ads show up that I cannot turn off.  Not sure what my next step is going to be, or who to turn to.  This is very scary.  But, hopefully the mistakes I am making now might help someone else in the future.  I’ll keep you up-to-date with this mystery.  I love being on the computer, but this is not fun.  The most frustrating part of this, is that I just don’t have anyone to ask about this that might have a clue.  Sure hope this is not happening to anyone else.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Hi, I came across your blog while searching the internet for Computer repair. Anyway, usually when computer virus attack happens you can run your anti-virus protection software from the clean boot disk, on the infected disk, and if required fix or delete infected files and replace them on the infected disk.

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